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February 13, 2019 CDS Minutes

Published on 5/20/2019


Cascade Drift Skippers Meeting Minutes


February 13, 2019

Held at Rogue Ales & Spirits (Issaquah Brewhouse)

35 W Sunset Way, Issaquah, WA 98027

Dinner & Social Hour 5:30

Meeting 7:00pm

Kudos to The Brave souls who made it to the meeting after the Snowmaggedon! Thank you Kurt Zeutschel for running the meeting.
Jon & Edythe Ferrian, Pete Beaupain, Mick Steinman, Dick Raabe, Bob Posey, Fred Weimer, Jeff Huard, Dave Valenti, Marc Childs, & Mike & Sheri Hyytinen.

️Our Newest Members 
Chris Sutton, Corey Hughes

️Upcoming events:
*2/22/2019 Mt. Baker Ride with NWGC.  Rooms still available at Baker Lake Lodge via our club website.  Cost is $100 for a room that includes both Friday and Saturday nights, and can sleep up to 4 people bunk style.  Ride groups will be Saturday, with BBQ on mountain provided by NWGC.  Dinner at lodge Saturday evening.  
March 13, 2019 CDS Meeting-Don't forget this is our night to nominate our new Board Members for President, VP & Secretary. Edythe has graciously agreed to stay on the rest of her term. 

March 30, 2019 Lee & Shirley's Famous Steak Ride
April  10, 2019 - CDS Meeting and Board elections. Elections being held for President, VP & Secretary. 
June 1, 2019 CDS Awards banquet and end of Season party

️WSSA report (Tony won’t be there but said he only wanted to mention Rendezvous) & NWAC report
on reported that avy danger is very high. Reminded everyone about the Alpental ski event 
Wssa report-Jon rendezvous this weekend. Reported Awesome Event. Great riding & entertainment. Encouraged everyone to try & go to one. 
Mick-raffle sled deck brought tickets
️Ride reports
Kurt went to Mt Baker & McCall 2 times. Reported that there were amazing varieties of areas to go & fresh snow & mostly clear days.

Jason's did a tour to lake, story about a sled going to lake by itself. Carl, alex, Kurt, Jason. Waterfall, logs & digging involved.
Jon reported on the family rides in Jan-27 people 2 groups. Stampede area. Setting guidelines. There was also a Febuary ride with 8 people. It was an educational ride with Avy & beacon training it was snowy & icy. 
Edythe reported on the Ladies Ride at Mount Baker-Jon picked up Stephanie Santeford because she was snowed in. The had 8 people who made it. Even though it was through a snow blizzard they had some great rides. They also had great raffle prizes & everyone won!
Marc child-Reported that he went to Blue lake Canada Sicamous. Great riding. Gold creek Sat hard ice under snow.
Dick went to Dawson creek coldman creek exit 115 hwk 81 creek mill road Kittitas Coldman Creek. Needed Discover pass. They found some stumps on Ellensburg side. 
Mick elaborated on going to peninsula to across river from crescent bay. Can be reached from several areas. 
Fred-went to Stanley.  Rode out of Evergreen snow park to tripod to string lake to Lily ponds, devil slide, overlook to Manastash. Pure ice did 97 miles. Did a 3rd ride through tripod, toward devil slide, running out of gas, 2nd cut off forth road to wjl. Beaver slide was bare 
Mick reported on the WJL overnight ride. He was 4 hrs late coming out from Lynnwood. Bob Seelye got there early, went to visit Austin's. Group thought he went with 1st group that left 1/2 hr earlier. 16 riders caught up with 1st group. They called him at gnats flat Found out Bob stayed with Scott & Rachel Wyatt, Tyler & Travis
 Mick's group had some kids double up and ride devil slide. Funny rocks Mick was sweep. Where's Fred. Got Fred on radio stuck on stump can't get off. 

Pete went to Whistler with Mick, Jeff, Tom & Fred went. Highly suggested the cinnamon bun Oreo. They rode Whistler Rutherford. Mick's granddaughter who's 7 years old was riding the kitty cat. 
Glenn-took friends from SC 1911 out of Anderson camp. Broke trail to 1911 no down trees. Crystal springs with family. Ride to WJL got back 11:53 groomed. Gold creek worse day. 120 miles. Greenwater to WJL
Tried ice hill ended up walking it.