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WSSA Membership ($25) can be paid for at time of purchase or on your own, but is required.  Please Support WSSA, they are essential to keeping access and trails open!!

Election Results for 23/24 Season below:
President: Jon Ferrian
Vice President: Rich Barnett
Treasurer: Lynn Brownell
Secretary: TongTong
WSSA Rep: Glenn Markovitz
Social Media Coordinator: Mark Waitt
WSSA News Letter: Gregg Atkins

The CASCADE DRIFT SKIPPERS is a community minded snowmobile club accessible to riders and families of all abilities.  Our purpose is to provide positive experiences for all members, promote a positive image of recreational snowmobiling, help preserve the rights of snowmobilers, promote safety, and have fun.

   Tradition     Knowledge      Adventure     Community   
Established in 1969, CDS has a history of consistent rides and good community standing.  In addition to weekly rides, we have yearly traditional rides, including the Christmas Tree Ride, Whistlin' Jack Ride and the Steak Ride, that every member looks forward to.

Within our club we have 100’s of years of backcountry and riding experience.  Our members will share their knowledge on all aspects of riding – including where to go, riding techniques, mechanics, gear and safety.

Getting there is half the fun!  We have scheduled weekly rides for members of all riding abilities, and we have members who embark on several road trips throughout the year to all kinds of riding destinations in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Canada, including Whistler, Revelstoke, and Valemount BC.

With CDS, you will always have someone to ride with.  And not just co-riders, but friends who will help develop your backcountry and riding skills because we believe that as you get better, we as a club get better.  Our community isn’t just limited to the snow – we have monthly meetings and social events throughout all seasons.



Cascade Drift Skippers is first and foremost about rides!  We ride every week and have several different types of rides available for club members.  Touring rides, suitable for all level of riders, always have a trail option and are usually a scenic loop or destination ride.  Adventure rides, suitable for intermediate riders are mostly trails, but will have off trail sections.  Exploration rides, targeted for advanced riders, will have only approach and egress routes accessible by trails - the rest will be steep, treed and mountainous terrain.  Skills development rides, suitable for all level or riders, are all about learning new skills, practicing, and having lots of help to free stuck sleds!




  • These rides will be completely accessible by trail, the majority of which will be groomed trails
  • Optional off trail play areas  will be accessible throughout the ride from trails
  • The ride will progress at a comfortable pace with frequent checks to ensure the group stays together
  • Typical ride length 3-5 hours
  • The rides will be in simple and safe terrain
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • There are always numerous breaks to rest, chat, ask questions or practice new techniques
  • These rides will be a mix of on and off trail
  • Portion of rides will be in trees that will requiring basic downhill control and technical or tight turns
  • These rides will require side hilling, but usually all routes are passable by perpendicular side hilling or “leaning”.
  • Routes will have uphill and or steep climbing portions
  • Complex terrain possible, but not necessary to complete the ride
  • These rides usually hit several play areas or bowls providing riders of all abilities an opportunity to challenge themselves
  • The majority of these rides will be off trail,  in complex, steep, mountainous, treed terrain
  • These rides will require the machine to frequently be on edge, including edge side hilling and downhill tracking
  • Riders must have proficient skills in riding technical backcountry terrain, including but not limited to these skills:  maneuvering and control on both sides of the sled,  opposite foot forward control, and aggressive side to side movements
  • Ride route may pass above hazards requiring downhill or zero radius turns

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