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Published on 2/20/2018

CDS Club Meeting Agenda 1/10/2018


Welcome /Agenda -(Stephanie)

New Member Introductions –(Carl)

Training Opportunities (Stephanie)

Upcoming Rides & Calendar Event’s: Presented by Stephanie

Rotary Fun Run 1/27/18

WhistlinJacks Ride 1/27/18

Wounded Warrior Ride TBD

Steak Ride 3/31/18

Board elections 4/11/18

SnoParkCleanup 5/19/18

End of Year Party 6/16/18



Grooming Council Report

Ride Reports

SnoPark Parking Permit Reminders -Stephanie

WSSA Updates

WSSA District 1 Elections to be held following closure of CDS Club Meeting tonight


“Safer Riders. Better Riders”

Micro-Jet Butane Torch –Chris $20.00

Stephanie’s BC Link Radio Tips

Always ensure batteries are charged before you ride. Carry a spare on destination trips

Channel Pre-Programming

A: 15.1 (Club Channel)

B: 15.1 (Club Channel)

C: Weather Channel

D: Alternate Channel

E: Alternate Channel

F: 9.11

Clear Communication

Radio check before you leave the SnoPark

Push button, wait one second, then speak


Stephanie’s BC Link Radio

Tips, Continued


frog skin radio vent kit
Frog SkinzBCA Radio Vent Kit ($4.95)

This company provides a cover that fits over the speaker and microphone area on the BC Link Radio. The FrogzskinBCA Vent Kit helps to prevent water, snow, dirt, debris and other particles from entering the speaker and microphone area on the BC Link Radio.

In Reach Tips –Carl:

inreach 2
Send and receive 160-character text messages
Communicate 24/7 with a rescue center
Global coverage from Iridium (66 Satellites)
Service Charge –Monthly subscription with multiple plans available

InReach-Send Mapsharelink in free preset
Standard Preset
Actual Message
Link that only shows location:

mapshare link custom
Customized Preset with Mapsharelink

Check In -OK -Map link for tracking daily activity. Davis

Map share is typically sent via email to someone and can be accessed anytime

It has all data points including tracking

It can be configured to allow web users to send messages and Locate Inreach (ping)

RESOLVES the need for people to SAVE the link

Byron’s CDS Tips and Tricks Easy Unstuck:

•Today’s lighter sleds want to get up on top of snow –use it
•Rock sled to free it up
•No weight on sled
•One on throttle, One pulling ski
•Strap and BRAAP
sled stucksled trench

Newbies -Learn to Lean and Get Sled on Edge
side sledsled on side
•Build confidence on leaning sled on edge and maintaining momentum
•Learn to stop fighting the sled and trying to ‘pull it over’
•Use someone else's trench turn as ‘banked’ turn in meadow or slight grade
•Put one ski in trench and other outside –accelerate through turn
•Try not to ‘fat hippo’ it 

Jacks CDS Tips and Tricks 4 Tips :
(3 Different Sections)

*Sled Dollies that just work for $30 and a little assembly time
*Simple way to organize survival gear
*Travelling as a group thoughts

Tracker saver that 1 person can do easily
tracker 2tracker 3tracker 1tracker 4

•Saves the track by taking pressure off of paddles
•Can be inserted by one person by using the lever
•Can be made out of scrap 2x4
•Multi functional –use on sled deck , trailer, garage, on a dolly

Construction tips:
•Inset track block into stabilizer block by ½ inch for durability
•Use lots of waterproof glue
•Use 3 long screws
•Paint for extended life

Sled Dollies that just work -$30:
dolly 1dolly 2dolly 3dolly 4dolly 5dolly 7dolly 8
•3 –18x12dollies Harbor Freight
•1 –2x4
•6 -4” screws for track dolly
•30 minutes of time Benefits
•Rock solid
•Can be inserted by one person
•Slot in ski dollies make it easier to put skis up onto dolly
•3000lbs of capacity and decent size wheels make these very functional

Simple way to organize survival gear::
container 1container 2
Keep important items:
-Clearly Organized
-Somewhat protected from being damaged Use Containters that can be used to transport liquid (water, gas, oil)
-Put a date on it to indicate the last time item was checked

*When Travelling as a Group-Important Things to Remember:

ASSUME THAT EVERY MINUTE COUNTS IN A CRITICAL SITUATION (e.g. You have 10 to 15 minutes to recover someone from an avalanche)

avy sled 1   ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈  avy 2

If you haven’t seen a companion rider for 5 minutes, they may be more than 5 minutes away from you to recover them. That’s a total of 10+ minutes if they are easy to find.
This is likely to be:  Out of radio range, they could be seriously hurt, trapped under a sled, gone off a corner, had a serious sled failure, etc.


Group Riding Recommendations & Expectations:

*Always be a great example for others
*Explain your approach & communicate expectations for others. Even if you not a ride leader, it’s good to help our new riders.
*All riders give a collective thumbs up at every intersection, and “help the ride leader” count heads BEFORE you leave you more than double the gap if someone goes the wrong way.
*Stop occasionally and actually ask how people are doing you’ll be surprised what you find out.
*Look people in the eyes now and then…This leterally kept me from having serious frostbite once.
*Pair up when possible even when traveling in a group it provides Double Coverage 
*Be a thoughtful & responsible ride companion or leader. You are setting the expectations and behavior with your actions.
*Keep a mental note of when & where you last saw riders. Tell people what you are doing.

Jason’s CDS Tips and Tricks - FIT FOR RIDING:

The Evolution of Snowmobiling: 
*Snowmobiles are far more advanced than the typical rider. 
*Boondocking continues to become more physically demanding.
The farther riders push into the backcountry…..the further out………..?? 
*The rider has become the limiting factor of snowmobiling. 

*“Decreasing” your physical limitation(s) is imperative. 
*More horsepower/bigger track + bigger ass = trouble.

4 Main Aspects of Conditioning for Snowmobiling
• Aerobic
• Anaerobic
• Balance

How Are These 4 Areas Related?
The “CORE” The CORE is composed of muscle groups that attach to your pelvis resulting in a stabilized spine;
• Abdominal
• Lower Back
• Hip Flexors
• Glutes (your booty)
• Hamstrings
active,sport,success,teacher,exercise,energy,winner,motion,aerobics,class,woman,fitness,yoga,action energy,balance,dancer,strength,young,gymnastics,adultPeople working out with weights : Stock Photo
Important strength areas of focus for riding;
• Forearms
• Hands
• Upper Back/Lats
• Calf muscles
Young woman doing some push ups in gym. Stock Photo - 47314014

Balance? Why is it important?  
*If you can’t balance: 
      *You’ll lose your line  
      *Severely limit accessibility  
      *End up winning a CDS award  
Start with a dual axis wobble board  
Advance to a 360 degree wobble board…and then….  
Use one foot at a time to simulate riding with one leg off the running board

Stretching as an Exercise and its Benefits
Stretching for 5 minutes increases your blood flow, invigorating your body quicker than your daily shot of espresso.  
              *Studies have shown you are less likely to trip and all.                            (Better BALANCE)  
              *Avoid the “static stretch” Focus on mobility and range of                    motion.
    *Shoulder shrugs, wrist bends, knee lifts hip flexors. HIP     FLEXORS!!! 
    *Soft tissue work with foam rollers.  
    *Stretching can help lower your blood sugar.  
    *Stretching helps tame physical and mental tension.  
    *CDS offers a program through SLEDFIT that incorporates many of     these features. 
    *A very user friendly website for beginners is

Chris G’s CDS Tips and Tricks:

Carabiner style hook
Won’t come off on its own
Easy on and off
Swivel connection on carabiner
Industrial strength cam buckle
Strap loop to hook on to sled
No rubbing/scratches on Sled T
hick/secure strap (84” x 1.5”)
1200lb Capacity
Can be pulled very short or long
Velcro to secure unused strap length

Product Tip: Pro Taper Tie Downs
Where to get them? Amazon – $31.49

*Don’t forget to go through the CDS gets money from every purchase!

Motorcycle Superstore - $31.99 Reviews 5 stars everywhere Many articles advocate them: