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September 2017 CDS Meeting Minutes

Published on 12/31/2017


Cascade Drift Skippers Club Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, 9/13/2017

Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Rogue Ales & Spirits (Issaquah Brewhouse)


Board Members present:

President: Stephanie Sims Driskell

Vice President: Jack Davis

Treasurer: Chris Guinn

Past President: Chris Mayer

Past President: Kurt Zeutschel

WSSA District

1 South Rep: Byron Fehler


The meeting was called to order. Stephanie welcomed everyone & introduced herself as our New President. New Interim Board Members for VP, Jack Davis & Secretary, Sheri Hyytinen & Kurt Zeutschel.

Stephanie had a great way to summarize last season’s accomplishments. Members participated in a Q&A game with prizes!

1st question: What Amazing Award did CDS receive this year due to All the Previous Board Members hard work?

Answer: The Very Prestigious ISC (International Snowmobile Congress) & National Snowmobile Club of the Year! Check out this Awesome Review:


Season Goals-(Stephanie Sims Driskell)

Training: Continue promoting and communicating our avalanche training classes on the website and Facebook,

Rides: Schedule & Organize Rides on the website & Facebook. Jason has also challenged each of the Board members to organize & schedule at least 2 rides during the season!

Chris Mayer will be scheduling some of his Amazing Technical skills snowmobile rides & The Ferrians will be scheduling their Famous Family rides frequently on the CDS calendar. So Keep checking the website & get registered so you don’t miss out!

Incentive Program: Where you can earn points with YOUR club participation. Keep track of your participation because...Points will equal prizes! More details later!

Club Project: Looking for ideas we can come up with for another Great Club Project we can build or create to promote safe riding practices. Similar to the Beacon Station set up at Salmon La Sac, maybe even another beacon station at Crystal Springs Park to influence a larger number of riders.

New Membership & Visitor Introduction-(Jack Davis)


A Big Welcome to:

Mike Everly-WSSA Snowmobile & Power Sports Expo Coordinator It's an honor to have Mike join us today to personally invite volunteers this year! He gave a short description of some of the jobs we can volunteer for to help WSSA & earn money for our club projects!

Jeff Hamilton Another honor to have NWAC’s Avy Trainer out of Mount Baker! He has also done Avy control & training on Mount Baker in the past for skiers/snowboarders. His favorite riding place is Bear Paw and rides a Skidoo.

Brad & Dana Straw Who are in their 1st year of riding with their 2 sons. They have several different brands of sleds in their garage ready to get out and discover where their favorite places will be!

Kyle Engberg who is Bruce Engberg's son came to his first meeting and has already has some great club adventures. Rides his dad’s M8 & Polaris, favorite places to ride Gallagher.


Thank you to ALL our New Members & Visitors!


Treasurer’s Report-(Chris Guinn)

Chris explained that the club website has been updated. If we pay our club dues online it saves postage and mailing costs for the club and

is the preferred method for accounting purposes. It’s fast and easy! Go to:

Only one more IMPORTANT step:

Go to the CDS club website & go to the “Resource” button on our Home page & click on “Snowmobile Links” it will bring you to the WSSA link to pay WSSA dues separately at: On the WSSA website you just go to the top right & click “member login” to sign in. Club express login name & password are the same for both the WSSA & CDS websites! Then you just go to “Membership Renewal” on the left column on the WSSA Home page to renew your dues there.


Snow Show Overview-(Jack Davis)

Every year our CDS Club has a booth at the WSSA Expo & Swapmeet to Promote the club, safe riding, and recruit new members. Secondly, WSSA also needs volunteers to sign up & work at various different areas of the event and the club is paid for those hours. For more information go to:


-Jack Davis will have a sign-up sheet next meeting for the CDS Club Booth volunteers usually 2-4 hour shifts.


-Jack introduced Andrea Steinman as the club WSSA Volunteer coordinator & Mike Everly as the WSSA Snowmobile & Power Sports Expo Coordinator. Andrea passed out a sign-up sheet & if we missed you please contact her through Facebook by messaging Mick Steinman, her husband, or at


Mike clarified that if you volunteer at least 4 hours for the day you get free entrance to the show on that day. You will have to buy a ticket, however, if you want to enter your ticket in the raffle for the snowmobile trailer. All volunteers who sign up will be on a list and can enter through the “Orange Gate” in the back. Free entrance Wrist bands are available to any volunteers who are working both Saturday & Sunday. If you volunteer on Friday, the jobs are generally helping with traffic, setting up Swap meet stalls, organizing the vendors, trailer marking, etc. Saturday/Sunday jobs can be taking/selling tickets at turnstiles, stamping hands for return customers, driving the golf carts, or helping with traffic directing vendors. All hours go to WSSA and results in money for club projects! We generally meet for

dinner somewhere Saturday afterwards so check at the CDS club booth for information. Contact Andrea soon and get signed up to enjoy some club comradery, a little work, but mostly fun!


Trail Maintenance-(Tim Penelerick)

Tim, Last Resort owner & Groomer announced that the brush cleaning is postponed until we hear more from the FS regarding the fire damage in the area.


Training-(Chris Mayer)

Chris advised everyone to check out our upcoming seminars & avalanche classes and register early as they fill up fast!


-WSSA Snow Show Seminars. You’re going to want to get the WSSA schedule as soon as you walk in to doors. They’re not available

online yet but some of them will include: Tony Jenkins Backcountry Mountain riding techniques, Survival Skills, Where to Ride with photos of access terrain, Jeff Hamilton, Avalanche discussion panel, and More!


-Avalanche Rescue Skills classes already listed on the CDS website so don’t delay getting registered because they fill up fast! Login & go to the Calendar to register.


Avalanche Rescue and Level 1 12/9/2017 (20 max) & 2/10/2017

Snowmobile Avalanche

Training Level 1 1/2/18-1/4/18

Motorized Level 1 (12 max) 2/2-2/4/18 & 3/2-3/4/18


It is a club requirement that everyone has basic knowledge of avalanche safety because it’s the difference between your life and the life of those you ride with. A good percentage of club riders are extreme but even are beginner riders are required to have the basic radio, shovel, probe & Avy beacon/transceiver before going on any of our club rides. Our club is NOW Nationally & Internationally recognized for encouraging its members to be involved, better themselves, better the sport & passing that knowledge to anyone we meet!



Stephanie had another Q&A before going into Our

WSSA Safety Update-(Jon Ferrian)


2nd question: What are 3 Avy Required Safety Equipment to have on ALL rides?

Answer: Shovel, Probe & Beacon/Transceiver. Prize was another “Hay Days” T-shirt.


Mick Steinman, Jon Ferrian, & Jeff

Snoflyer 1/17

During the month of January we will be preparing for our ‘All Trails to Olympia Day’ legislative trip on the 24th. While at the time of this article we have not seen the Senate or House budgets, we have been notified the Governor’s budget contains $50,000 to support the Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) out of the Winter Recreation Program for the next two-year budget cycle. Both motorized and non-motorized will be directed to give $25,000 each. The difference this year is insteadof waiting until the 11th hour to transfer funds from our Dedicated Account, the Governor is starting with this in the budget from day one. Last month I wrote we had been told by the fiscal analysts from State Parks the Governor’s budget was already tapping our program, and now it has been confirmed. The budget writers see a nexus between the Winter Recreation Program and the NWAC, so it makes sense to them we should automatically give our financial support. While the probability of us getting this removed from the budget entirely is unlikely, we will at least work at getting it reduced. Stay tuned; there will be more information to follow, and a call to action from our members