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2013 April CDS Membership Meeting Minutes

Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club 

CDS Minutes: Wednesday, 4/10/2013 

Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Elks, 765,

 Issaquah, WA 

Membership & Budget Meeting 


Board Members present: 

President:                     Tim Horton 

Treasurer:                      Trina Martin 

Meeting called to order by President, Tim Horton 



Officers Report:


Past President Pete Beaupain:   No issues to discuss. Did want to Thank you everyone who helped out with events this year.


President Tim Horton: Thanked everyone for helping him over his term. Throughout his term he has tried to do the best he could in some trying situations and glad he was able to give club members a voice on issues and concerns that might otherwise have been missed. Tim introduced:

Nick Whitman/Groomer- our special guest 
Our New Members:Jim Mueller- who rides a 2006 Polaris and is working on upgrading to a Pro RMK, Joe & Doreen Markott- who are active WSSA volunteers and also belong to the SnoJammers, & Mike Mcgillivray- who has been a loyal Steak Rider participant and decided to join us!


A Big Welcome to ALL our New Members!


Vice President Brian Cook:  Reported membership: 11 Lifetime members, 19 Single, 37 Family, 8 Executive Board which equals total at 75 members.


Treasurer Trina Martin:  Absent. Tim gave a summary copy to be attached.


Secretary Sheri Hyytinen: Gave a Big Thank you to Cheryl for helping taking minutes last meeting.  Cheryl did a wonderful job from taking notes to sending out email & posting to the Website! Also, added that if anyone had not signed Thank you Card for Commissary lady, Linda at Fort Lewis & Card for Don Shaffer/Elks who passed away to please let her know.


Web Master Jon Ferrian: Absent. Notes Repeated from last month- Any pictures that were received have been posted to the club site.  Continue to send pictures to Jon to the club email: Question:  If a member shares their Picasso Album, can Jon post their pictures?  He responded that if he can get in their album, then he can post pictures from Picasso.  Although, emailing photo's to Jon is the easiest. As the season dwindles, he will work on updating the CDS website.   He may even have a contest to see if you notice the changes. Look out for these! CDS Face book is going great.  Members are scheduling rides and sharing a lot of photo's. Make sure you check it out!


Upcoming rides/events:


4/13/2013        Mount Baker Shootout by Northwest Glacier Cruisers. 
                        -Carl suggested check on FB or Call Carl or Kevin Hoglund.
                        Also see


?                      Tim Penelerich Potential extra Sno-Park Clean up at
                        Salmon La Sac- Tim offered to provide truck to haul garbage.


4/27-5/4/13      Mick Steinman Whistler Ride-Mick is planning trip to
                        Whistler call him if you are interested. The will be riding
                         Brandywine, Rutherford, possibly Hurley.


4/20 or 4/27    John Budig Priest Lake, ID Ride- He has a beautiful cabin
                        that sleeps up to 10+ people. He goes up quite a bit during the
                        season. If anyone is interested please call him and he would like
                        to set up a group ride. He also skis Schwietzer a lot so let him
                        know so he can plan a ride.


6/1/2013          Sno-Park Clean-Up & Potluck at Kay Lloyd’s-
                        Kay invited everyone to her house after the clean up to a
                        Potluck at her house. More details to be posted on website.

6/8/2013          Tentative Award Banquet - June 8th  


7/2013             Darrel’s Rafting Camping Trips-Darrel has a cabin in
                        Wenatchee and would like to do a river rafting/tube trip
                        sometime this summer.  He also had a great idea to set up
                        a camping trip for the club but no dates yet.


9/7-9/8/13        Mick & Andrea's Lake Cavanaugh Camping Extravaganza-Mick & Andrea have a great party at their Lake Cavanaugh cabin every year. Lots of camping/RV areas and watersports. Bring your favorite water toys and plan on having a blast!


Past Events:


Dick Elkins reported on the State Park Winter Rec 100th year event in Olympia March 19-21st.  Dick & Beth Elkins, Kay Lloyd, Florence & Wayne Mohler & Carl Corn attended. The governor spoke and Pam & staff were there. Great event all in all.


Lee & Shirley's Famous Steak Ride at Blewett Pass- Lee reported that we had a Great turn out. We had 40-50 people enjoy the club donated steaks and some delicious Potluck dishes. Special thanks to Andrea for her scrumptious dessert. Rebecca wanted to add a Special Big Thank you to Andrea & Shirley who organized, set up and worked hard making sure the food was refrigerated properly then warmed up; set up tables & chairs; and made everything ready while everyone else was playing. Lee wanted to make sure that everyone knew that Bob Seelye didn't get breakfast, lunch or dinner that day because he was too busy towing a broken down sled & helping some EMT's  rescue an unknown rider who had broken his hip and stuck on a 300-400 foot hill climb. We had run out of steaks by the time he got back and only had a bag of chips left to give him. A BIG THANK YOU TO BOB for being our club Superman! Way to represent!



Mick Steinman reported on the Snowball 2013 that was on April 5, 2013. 350 people attended and raised $40,000.00 to support the NW Weather and Avalanche Center. Kay reported that unfortunately of the 350 in attendance only 7 people were snowmobilers who are the recipients of the efforts of this organization.  For more information about how this organization helps us please see:


Rusty ski award:

Bill Johnson nominated Mario for tree hugging.

Mick Steinman nominated Tim for the shortest ride of the year…the sled that Bob Seelye ended up towing.

Mario Vaughn- nominated Craig Miller for running into his truck with his Skidoo. Mario said that he thought that Craig had accidently hit his left hand throttle instead of the break and it launched into his trail...trailer was fine but damage to the sl...expensive...


The Winner of the Rusty Ski Award- Craig Miller...or the best story teller was Mario.


New Business:


Club award nominations:


President's Choice:  Mick Steinman nominated Jon Ferrian for this award for all he does for the club. 


Horses Patoot:  

-Lee nominated John Woodward for trying to go off trail and burying his sled into a 6' bank in Cornucopia.

-Darrell nominated Fred for his statement on the radio, "I'm not stuck just can't go anywhere." Fred explained in his defense that he was waiting to see if the people in front of him were unstuck and then just needed Craig to pull on his ski.

-Pete nominated Fred for saying they were going on a 1hr check out ride and it took 5hrs.

-Fred nominated Pete for when he was assisting towing a sled in unison with someone else and couldn't find the trail and Fred said there was only one track to follow.

-Pete nominated Darrel for his track falling apart and having to be towed.

-Darrel nominated Pete because while they were working on getting Shane's sled unstuck for quite some time they stopped to see where Pete was and found him eating a sandwich. In Pete's defense he said he had been helping but he was out of energy so he had to stop to eat to get his strength back.

-Mike nominated Glenn for his 2day stuck but we were all more relieved he was safe and skilled enough to know what to do in a tough situation.


Mileage Award:  Mileage needs to be reported to Tim by 5/15/2013.


Rubber Side Up: 

-Rebecca nominated Mario because he's so funnyJ

-Fred nominated John Woodward because he launched his sled into a 6' bank in Cornucopia.(Carl & Darrel helped tell the same was pretty funny because he normally doesn't get stuck right off the road...or for that matter usually is helping other people.



Snowmobiler of the Year:  (Can be one person or a couple and its voted by the membership) 
-Carl nominated Lee and Shirley Koeger for snowmobile couple of the year. 

-Jon Ferrian nominated Carl Corn and Cheryl O'Shaughnessy for exposing younger kids to the club. 

-Carl nominated  Jon Ferrian as he just moved here from Minnesota and is already an active participating member. He has acheived promoting membership by getting the word out, volunteered to be the Web Master for the club, active on Facebook, and took members to his Annual Island Park Ride in Idaho.
-Carl nominated Lee & Shirley for all they do in giving of their time and energy and for always participating.

-DeAnn nominated Sheri & Mike Hyytinen for all the treats that they provide on the trail.

-Lee nominated Bob Seelye for all the Search & Rescue missions he participates in and for being an all-around great guy and always volunteering to help and/or tow broken down sleds for anyone in need.

-Lee nominated Tim Horton for all his hard work during his term.


New Venue for CDS meetings:


Mick Steinman reported on the Elks Meeting with Ralph Moore & Chef Dave. The Elks Venue Committee members: Mick, Brian Cook, Craig Kvam, Bill Johnson, Elwood Hunt & Mike Hyytinen were present along with Tim Horton & Sheri Hyytinen. All these members have agreed to stay on to continue meeting with the Elks if voted to continue having meeting at this venue.


Mick Steinman presented the following information at the Board meeting:

The Elks are Very Concerned about CDS moving venue and Very interested in implementing changes to continue serving our needs.


1.         They agreed that CDS may place the Screen anywhere in the room to allow for better visibility for everyone in the room. Mick took measurements and found that if they move the screen wall facing the front entrance it would allow for better visibility and more seating.(FYI Elwood donated screen to Elks)


2.         They agreed to move the Salad Bar anywhere for convenience and sound problems when emptying. They also are considering putting a swinging door so keep the noise down.


4.         They offered a menu of 8 entrees to choose from for the 7 meetings and willing to consider any other reasonable requests. Keeping in mind that the $15.00 we pay is not just for the meals it is for room rental as well.


5.         In considering Over/Under minimum attendance set minimum to 210 meals per season.


6.         They approved a Kid's meal which is ½ portion of the same dinner at reduced rate of $9.00.

7.         They WOULD LIKE for ANY member who notices lack of salad bar items to let them know ASAP so they can rectify that ASAP as they have more stock in the kitchen.  The Chef unfortunately may not be aware of a need.  CDS members are also welcome to help him get the items out of the fridge or stock to restock the salad bar as needed.


8.         They agreed that CDS should have a committee each year or quarter meet with them to let them know if we have any other needs in the future.


9.         They asked that if anyone would like to volunteer to help serve it would be greatly appreciated. It was also suggested that we inform our members that the servers are volunteers and would appreciate them being treated better. Unfortunately, some of the volunteer servers were not treated very well in the past and have now refused to come back.



Tim reviewed and presented the Silver Cloud as a possible venue as suggested by a club member. He stressed the need for ALL club members' opinions and concerns are important and should be addressed. The April board meeting was held at the Silver Cloud and the food was good and the banquet room was a little bigger than the Sizzler and Duke's. Mick pointed out that the Elks have 1400 sq. ft. opposed to Silver Cloud 1100 sq. ft., Duke's & Sizzler 575' room 23x25.

Bill Johnson also added that Ralph had offered to donate $350.00 left over from the WW ride.

Kay Lloyd added that the Elks participate with money and meals for our WW ride.

Dick Elkins added that at Lee's birthday party 69 people attended and it was too small to accommodate that many people. He visited Duke's and found out they only serve seafood no beef unless you special order a hamburger. Silver Cloud quoted him $1,000.00 per setting at $31.54 per meal. (Tim was quoted a better deal if the members were voted for the change)

Vote was held by ballot. Majority of members voted to have ballots counted and results done at the meeting.

Votes were counted and the majority was for staying at the Elks. The most important part was that members who were interested in moving did have their voice heard and good changes were made by the Elks club.


Board Member Nominations and Voting:


Secretary- Cheryl O'Shaughnessy accepted nomination and majority voted for her unopposed.

Treasurer-Kelly Hayes had previously accepted nomination and majority voted for him unopposed.

Vice-President-Chris Mayer accepted nomination and majority voted for him unopposed.

President-Kurt Zeutschel had previously accepted nomination and majority voted for him unopposed.


Congratulations to All Our New Board Members!


2013 CDS Banquet:


Banquet Committee: Cheryl O'Shaughnessy, Brian Cook, Pete Beaupain, Shirley Koger, & Sheri Hyytinen.


Majority voted for review of 2 of the several places suggested.  Cheryl will check on more details to have banquet at the LeMay Car Museum and Brian will check on more information about Emerald Downs. The other places were too expensive and lacked member interest.



Thank you Bob Posey for passing out raffle ticketsJ

Doreen & Joe Markott our New Members won $76.00! Total collected was $152.00.