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Club News

2013 February CDS Membership Meeting Minutes 

Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club 

CDS Minutes:? Wednesday, 2/13/2013 

Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Elks, 765,

 Issaquah, WA 

Membership & Budget Meeting 


Board Members present: 

President:           Tim Horton 

Vice President:   Brian Cook 

Treasurer:           Trina Martin 

Secretary:           Sheri Hyytinen 

Meeting called to order by President, Tim Horton 


Past Events:

2012 Whistling Jack Ride was a success there were over 30 members that attended. Rides were separated into family rides, intermediate & advanced riders. Brian suggested that due to the number of people that went to the bar afterwards that there were some people that were charged 2 times for their drinks and possibly dinners. Checking tabs were suggested.


1/26-1/27/2014 Whistling Jack Ride Suggestion to reserve cabins for next year. 


Olympia Days Dick Elkins reported that Carl Corn, Lee & Shirley Koger attended. Lee said he was able to make 2 appointments, 10 walk in’s talking to aids and invited some to go on possible ride in April. Carl talked w/ his legislators had 2 appointments and also was able to talk with Terry Cole and Mark Jurasick regarding using pictures and write ups about our clubs community service to help support our issues. Gary Harris went to represent his district and suggested that using certain words are more acceptable to our Legislators that others.


Mick Steinman reported on his Whistler Rides. His last trip was with Tom Imm and they had 3 beautiful Blue Bird days. He has another ride planned around 4/27-5/4/2013 and there is still space available at his condo if anyone is interested in going.


Jon Ferrian Reported on his Island Park Annual MN trip. Kelly, Tim and Pete went with him and had a Great trip.  Apparently, our Washingtonians needed some helpful tips for 10 degree/below 32 degree weather. Some frostbite issues were incurred, but all in all they had some great riding and few good stories about a close call with the groomer, tree climbing, and Pete’s new ‘Sidehill’ skills and out climbing someone in the group.


Mick Steinman reported on the Last Resort Kittitas Fun Run. Mick reported that there was a CDS group that went to participate but there was some miscommunication about what time the drawing was and also that they were told they could go out of order.


Mark Berg reported on the Mel’s Hole Ride. Due to the lack of snow riders were split for 2 different rides. Some went onto to search for Mel’s Hole and some went home to go to the Cle Elum Sweetheart Ball. Linda & Ken Bowen, Mario & Jason continued on the search but did not find Mel’s hole…yet…


Mick Steinman reported on the Hogloppit scheduled 2/23/2013. He explained how it is a really good public service event for snowmobilers helping out the cross country skiers. They are still looking for volunteers. If you can help they will be meeting at the Groomer’s shed at Blewett Pass. There will be groups of snowmobilers positioned at stations to help inform & direct the skiers. The event last approximately 6 hours. Contact Mick if you would like to help out.


Rusty Ski Award:

Tim Horton asked for stories for Fred Wemer to decide who to award this month.  Fred gave some history about the club’s “Snafoo Vest Award” and how it was usually awarded to whomever sustained the most damage to their sleds. A Snafoo Vest was awarded per month to a boy and a girl who had to wear them to the next meeting. Then at the end of the year the person who wore the vest the most was awarded the “Horse’s Patoot” trophy. When this award was started it had rules and definitions. He suggested that there needs to be clarification of the “Rusty Ski” award and should be voted on by the members. Tim clarified that he had this ski in his garage and that it can be awarded to anyone who has the best story and that it can be voted on by the members next meeting.



Jon nominated Tim for “Tree Hugging”

Tim nominated Pete for losing his gear out of his backpack down the trail.

Tim nominated Pete for a grooming incident.

Tim nominated Jon for running out of gas in his truck (in his defense Jon said his gas gage was broken).

Elwood reminded everyone of Mario’s famous rollover…which he already recv’d award for.

Fred nominated Bob Seeley for leaving the poker run early.

Fred nominated Koger family for stopping a Truck on the trail, truck got stuck Mick used his bungy to help truck right in front of the sign that said “Road Closed”

Fred heard all the stories and like Jon’s best so ski went to Tim.


Tim reminded everyone that the club is still needing a Historian.



Fred Wemer on Hypothermia and Frost Bite

Fred went over how the body reacts to hot and cold conditions and in extreme cases if the body temperature goes below a certain level confusion, slurring, and disorientation can occur. So much so that it can fool a person or result in a dementia and bad judgment. Fred gave a detailed charting of symptoms and how to equip yourself in order to avoid hypothermia or Frost Nip. He also gave signs and symptoms of how to treat Frost Bite or Frost Nip. Caution not to rub or scratch as the skin is very sensitive and infection can occur very quickly. Mick Steinman thanked Fred and repeated that no one should ever wear cotton as it is nicknamed the “Death Cloth”. Shane added that once you have had frostbite that the skin becomes more susceptible to nerve damage. Jon offered that in MN they are more aware of cold weather problems and felt he should have warned Kelly, Tim & Pete more before the ride. So he reminded members that if they do a ride in colder weather regions to remember to use balaclava or head sock and face masks. Craig Kvam offered that duck tape works great.


Lee Koger said that Kenny Vanassche brought in a box of old club minutes with stories of the past snafoos that may want to be kept somewhere. Told an old story about Darrel Mclean’s Gulch at St. Helens where he chased his sled in the ash in 1990.


Gary Harris brought in gear for sale a large gear bag and coat.


Mick Steinman did WSSA Safety Report. He recommended the Spot Beacon that has satellite rescue GPS features. It can pinpoint your location and can even send email msg to your computer or 10-15 other people on your email list your GPS coordinates or let them know you are safe. You register $150/yr for the service and cost of beacon is about the same.


Past President Pete Beaupain No report.


Vice Pres. Brian Cook had no new members to report.


Trina Martin gave Treasurer’s Report  


Sheri Hyytinen reported that the minutes are posted on the website.  



Dick Elkins WSSA Representative:


Reminded everyone how important the WSSA issues are addressing the Gas Tax, Snow park permit & tabs issue.  We should be receiving emails soon to call us to action.  We are encouraged by Carl to send pictures and stories of our community service with our emails to our Legislators.


Mick Steinman brought in the new “Cascade Drift Skipper” sign to be posted somewhere around Beeler Pass cost was $150.00 and he will be having it mounted in approximately a month.


Pete Beaupain went to the Amber Holt Class and he recommended it to anyone interested. He picked up some very good tips.


New Business:


New Venue for CDS meetings:

Venue options: Continue at the Elks, Dukes or Sizzler in Tukwila

Board & guest members visited and approved for options for members to vote on as they met venue specifications. Large discussion from members. Carl moved to table for review, Dick seconded and members voted to table decision. Bob Posey asked for a show of hands of who was for moving venue and the show was of a minority. Committee formed to review menu issues with the Elks Club. Volunteers were Mick Steinman, Brian Cook, Craig Kvam, Bill Johnson, Elwood Hunt & Mike Hyytinen. They will talk with the Elks about improving the menu’s and the quality of food. Possibly negotiating costs versus food issues.


Sheri Hyytinen announced will not be available at March meeting so Cheryl O’shaughnessy graciously volunteered.


Upcoming Events:


2/15-2/18/2013   WSSA Convention

2/18-2/20/2013   Sumpter Oregon Trip

2/21-2/24/2013   Cornucopia Trip 

3/02/2013           Wounded Warrior Ride 

3/23/2013           Lee & Shirley’s Steak Ride Blewett Pass


Club Historian position still needing to be filled to collect photos and written accounts of Club Events.


50/50 Raffle

Thank you Kelly & Trina for collecting for the Raffle. $115.00 was collected. Congratulations to Mario for winning $57.00.
Treasurer's Report:

Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club














Treasurer's Report





























Beginning Balance last meeting
























CDS Dues












WSSA Dues collected on behalf of members









Dinners - 40











Checking Interest











50/50 Raffle











Savings Interest



























Club Express Fees











WSSA Dues paid on behalf of members









Elks - 40 dinners























Mileage Trophy Engraving