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2013 January CDS Membership Meeting Minutes

Sent Wednesday, January 16, 2013
From Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club
Subject Subject: Jan 2013 CDS Meeting Minutes 

Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club 

CDS Minutes:? Wednesday, 1/9/2013 

Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Elks, 765,

 Issaquah, WA 

Membership & Budget Meeting 


Board Members present: 

President:           Tim Horton 

Vice President:   Brian Cook 

Treasurer:           Trina Martin 

Secretary:           Sheri Hyytinen 

Meeting called to order by President, Tim Horton 


A Big Welcome to New Members: Chris & Patricia Mayer.  They ride Polaris, Yay! Chris grew up in Idaho and use to ride a 1 ski Skidoo in the 70's.

Past President Pete Beaupain No report.


Vice Pres. Brian Cook mentioned new CDS meeting location and took a poll of membership residents. There are 20 members living S. of Seattle, 10 members N. Seattle area, & 9 E. of Seattle. Bob Posey lives in epi center of all areas. Elwood offered information that the last time when the Elks was under construction they found by zip code Bellevue/Redmond area was good location. Criteria will be listed later in the minutes for any suggestions of potential places from members.


Trina Martin gave the Treasurer's Report: Trina reported that we received $145.00 CDS dues, $50.00 from WSSA dues, $60.00 from the 50/50 (total to date $198.00), $100.00 donation from Kelly Hayes from Skidoo dealer for buying sled; paid out $37.00 Club Express, 3 dinners paid out to Elks for minimum dinner issue and $1021.74 paid for CDS & WW insurance.

Sheri Hyytinen reported that the minutes are posted on the website. Linda added that correction needed to last minutes. Date for WSSA Rendezvous should be in Feb. not March. Correction has been made.

Tim Horton announced that there if there are any rides planned during the year to please post them on Facebook for anyone who is interested in going. Also discussed was to make FB public to promote membership.

Ride Reports:

Lee reported on Christmas tree Ride & Party:  We had 2 groups of riders. 32 people rode & attended Christmas party after. Lee had 15 that went to Cooper and Fred had approximately the same. Darrel commented that the Last Resort Prime Rib dinner was GREAT and they went ALL out to accommodate us. Tim asked that a Thank you card be sent out to them.

Mick Steinman reported on WSSA 101 Flyer Distribution turned out great. There were approximately 25-30 riders that they talked to at Price Creek Westbound and Dick Elkins added the importance of talking to people about registering their sleds and how the money goes to help Grooming, Snow removal, sanitation, administration, education & enforcement for 2013/2014 season. Lee reported that we talked with approx 6 riders at Gold creek.  Both groups met back at Crystal Springs for a great day of riding after.

Fred reported on his Mineral Springs check out rides. He went with Randy & DeAnn on one ride, then Bob Seelye, Pete and Brian on another ride. Brian had a sled problem but they made it back by 4pm. Lots of input and fun stories but sounded like a Great Adventure Ride all in all.

Rusty Ski Award:

Kurt nominated Fred for going off trail in ditch. Bob nominated Mario for sledding in wrong place coming back from Crystal Springs. Bob Posey nominated Kelly for getting stuck on Bald Mtn on his new sled.

Fred nominated Kelly for getting stuck in tree well…new sled factor.

Fred nominated Darrel going past park while leading &

Pete or someone went over handle bars. Shane nominated Pete for time outs something about eating his sandwich. Elwood nominated Fred for leading ride with all mishaps. Members Voted-Fred Won. Honorable mention made by Darrel Hanberg that Fred has the Best Adventure Rides even if there seem to be mishaps that happen around him.


New Business:

Linda Bowen gave information about the trip from the WSSA Rendezvous to Sumpter then to Cornucopia.

New Events:


1/12-1/19/13       Jon Ferrian Island Park Idaho Trip        

1/19-1/26/2013   Whistler rides w/ Mick Steinman 

1/26/2013           Whistling Jack Overnight Ride

1/29/2013           All Trails to Olympia

2/02/2013           Rotary Club of Upper Kittitas County Fun Run at the

                             Last Resort

2/09/2013           Sweetheart Ball Prime Rib Dinner & Auction at

                             Cle Elum Eagles

2/15-2/18/2013   WSSA Convention

2/18-2/20/2013   Sumpter Oregon Trip

2/21-2/24/2013   Cornucopia Trip 

3/02/2013           Wounded Warrior Ride 

3/23/2013           Lee & Shirley's Steak Ride Blewett Pass

Club Historian position still needing to be filled to collect photos and written accounts of Club Events.


Grooming & WSSA Safety Commissioner Mick Steinman Report:

Kay Lloyd not available for Grooming report but once minutes are received they will be posted to the CDS website under "Club News".

  1. Kittitas County new WSSA District Rep Vote on 1/14/13 must live in district to vote.
  2. N Snohomish County WSSA District Rep needed.
  3. S District WSSA Rep to be voted on 1/20/13

On Safety:  Check your gear with 10 essentials list. Check bolts & belts for wear. Bring new spare plugs & belts.

4/4/13 NWAC Snowball. Donation items needed for the Auction. $75.00 per person for fully Catered dinner at the new & beautiful venue Museum of History & Industry.
Kay Lloyd added email info about an avalanche story. Please check out story at

WSSA Representative Dick Elkins


The WSSA WINTER Rendezvous Convention has fun daily rides offered for all different skill levels. Also a reminder that a Discover Pass will be needed for some of the rides.  


All Roads to Olympia 1/29/2013. Dick Elkins explained that this is a Great opportunity to meet your legislators.  WSSA meets with everyone first at the Phoenix Inn and gives you information on what issues you will discuss. This is critical to support WSSA's legislative efforts this Season. 

When: January 29, 2013

Where: Phoenix Inn

415 Capitol Way N.,Olympia, WA 98501

They have room reserved from 7:30am-4:30pm

There will be coffee, water, donuts and lunch available for attendees, so please let us know if you plan to attend. Please sign up with Dee Alred and she will call and make your appointments to see your legislators. Phone (509) 965-8305 or e-mail with your name, address and voting district (if known).


Upcoming Elections of Board members:

Tim Horton reminded everyone to think about Upcoming Board Members that will be needed. It's a full election for President, Vice President, Treasurer, & Secretary.


Potential New Location for CDS Meetings:

-Tim announced that the Board has been considering a new venue for the CDS meetings due to the price, dinner, and service quality at the Elks. Members have voiced their opinions about needing to move.

The criteria are as follows:

          1. Separate Private Room for meetings

          2. Sound System Control

          3. Hold up to approx. 50 people

          4. Offer 'Off the Menu' dinners

          5. Have Projector Screen available

          6. Drinks Available or Beer & Wine


Please feel free to check out other venues and bring back to the meeting to vote on.


Lee brought in a size 2 coat & Bib overalls for anyone.

Fred Wemer Beeler Pass Signage Proposal:

Fred gave a history of how Beeler Pass had come to be. How CDS members like Elwood, Dan Johnson, Kenny VanAssche, Mark Berg, Mick Steinman, & Wiff had used their own time, excavators and equipment to try and clear an old decommissioned road. Fred had applied for and received NRTP grants to pay some fees and with the help of Wiff & Mick created and cleared the Reload Snowpark. He proposed that since CDS members and money had gone into helping clear the trail & park that we should have a sign put up in that area. He has worked with Mick and found out that one could be made for approx. $150.00.  Craig Kvam motioned for $150.00 to be paid out Elwood seconded, members voted and passed that a sign should be ordered by Mick and club will reimburse him.


Bill Yager suggested that everyone that has an avalanche beacon should make sure they are working he apparently went out and although his beacon appeared to go on when he tried to switch it to search that part of his beacon was not working properly.  He also offered his new invention of having the straps he makes attached to his shovel for easy access.


Rino Garmin discussion.

Kurt suggested that when starting a ride all riders who have Rino's should key up so you can locate each other if need be.  Also that there was a really good story that relates the horrors of an avalanche that happened at Stevens Pass. The article that Kurt found is from the NY times. It is a very detailed account with lots of graphics and interviews that really to help to understand all that occurred. It is well worth the read.

Kate suggested that we have a training ride to learn to use our Rino's and AVA beacons.  Everyone agreed that Tom Imm was the expert. Tom said he would gladly help anyone but also suggested checking out the websites available also he put a free TOPO map application on FB. The website is


50/50 Raffle

Thank you Kurt Zeutschel for collecting for the raffle.$136.00 was collected and Darrel Hanberg won $68.00