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2012 October CDS Membership Meeting Minutes


Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club

CDS Minutes:  Wednesday, 10/10/2012

Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Elks, 765, Issaquah, WA

Membership & Budget Meeting


Board Members present:

President:           Tim Horton

Vice President:   Brian Cook

Treasurer:           Trina Martin

Secretary:           Sheri Hyytinen

Meeting called to order by President, Tim Horton

Vice President Brian Cook introduced our new members:


Garret Hudson who we first met at a 4-H presentation at one of the CDS meetings and we are so happy he has now decided to join us. He hopes to do a lot of riding and learning some new trails. Maybe we can coax him into leading a few rides, too. He even attended one of our Board members and contributed some helpful opinions.


John Ferrian is currently in process of moving from Minnesota to Washington with his wife, Edythe and son, Mack. He is primarily a mountain backcountry rider who is a former President of his MN club.


Kay Lloyd introduced Tim Penelerick/Groomer as one of our New Members, too!


We are pleased to extend a BIG Welcome to our new families and look forward to riding w/ them hopefully in the near future.


Brian also discussed having people review and possibly head some of the committees listed on the website. He passed around a list to review and give people an opportunity to sign up if interested.


He also addressed the Membership Dues issue.  The website is sending out past due notices when people have tried to pay online and we are working on the problems. We are also working on a plan to have a computer available for registering and training in the future.
Trina Martin presented the Treasurer Report happily and energetically in her usual tasteful manner.

Old Business:

Tim reminded members to try and RSVP more diligently to save from having to pay for unused dinners in the future.


Tim passed out the Annual Awards to members who were not present at the Banquet. Mick Steinman was awarded the “Rubber Side Up” and Shane Briel was awarded the “President’s Award”.
Wounded Warrior Ride: Tim thanked everyone who participated and commented on needing to schedule volunteers next year to plan and organize more of the event. See 3/14/2012 CDS Minutes for a list of all our Wonderful Volunteers who made this event possible. Possibly putting on the lunch and dinner.
Mick Steinman reported on the past Whistler Rides.
Elwood Hunt reported on the Snowpark Cleanup. Mike Collins offered to bring ‘pick-up’ sticks for anyone who may need them for next season. A Big Thank you to the Hunt’s for hosting the BBQ after.


Kenny VanAssche reported on his Annual Chelan Falls party.


Mark Berg reported on his Annual Pirate Party.


Rebecca Hunt reported on the Annual Fire Starter Party.  Rebecca, Kay Lloyd, Brian Cook, Shane & Darrel, Darrel McLean & DeAnn showed up to help create over 600 fire starters. Trina & Kelly printed up the inserts and Gary & Delores contributed newspapers & egg cartons. Everyone contributed enough wax, newspapers & egg cartons enough to make another batch in a couple years.





WSSA Expo Plans:

Shirley Koger reported on Expo Scheduling issues:

So far we have 28 volunteers and due to an emergency the WSSA volunteer schedule is not yet available which makes it difficult to make a schedule for the CDS booth.  Shirley passed around a sheet for people to write in their desired time & day and she would try to work around the WSSA schedule as soon as it becomes available.


Brian Cook has a large metal picture display he will be bringing to the Expo and asked it anyone can email or bring them he will display them on the stand.

Tim asked if anyone has pictures if they could work on making DVD’s to show in our booth.


Tim asked for a new Webmaster Board member and Jon Ferrian volunteered. He will be on board as soon as he finishes moving his family to Washington. He wanted to be able to help at the Expo but that happens to be when they will be making the drive from MN to WA.


Bob Pose was nominated our new AV (Audio/Visual) Coordinator.

Grooming Report – Kay Lloyd:


We are honored to have Kevin Merrell our New Kittitas Grooming Council Chair present at our meeting. Tim Penelerick was also present stating that due to the fire ban at this time there is no plans for brushing.  When he is ready to move on clearing the trails he will contact us to let us know when so we can organize our heavy equipment volunteers like Mark Berg, Mick Steinman & Kenny VanAssche. 


Kay also announced that Bob Seeley has replaced Wayne Mohler as the Coordinator for Boulder Creek.

Grooming report information to be posted on the website under, “Club News”.

WSSA Safety Commissioner Mick Steinman reported that on 11/4 there will be an Avalanche Seminar info as follows:

Northwest Snow and Avalanche Summit (NSAS)

Sunday, Nov 4 8:30a at Kane Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Price: $25

Phone: (360) 319-2421

Age Suitability: None Specified

The Northwest Snow and Avalanche Summit (NSAS) is a professional development seminar for avalanche workers, and a continuing education opportunity for recreationalists. NSAS is intended for ski patrollers, forecasters, ski guides, search and rescue teams, as well as any number of other occupations that occur on and around snow. The content of NSAS is relevant to professionals and recreationalists alike.

For Reservations go to:

Also got  information about Avalanche Classes:  10/25/2012  Mike Duffy will be in Yakima, 10/26  at the Lynnwood Motoplex and 10/27 at Longview/ProCaliber.  Sponsored by BRP. Check out the BRP Wesite or Dealer for details.


WSSA Representative Dick Elkins Report:

Wanted to stress how the trail grooming and snow removal moneys have been the hardest hit this year due to sales and registrations of sleds being down. Discussed grooming fund moneys contributed by clubs will be matched by WSSA. Deadline for WSSA to match moneys is 12/31/2012.  Dick, Lee & Gary also discussed gas tax issue to be presented at Expo.


-11/10/2012 Spokane Winter Knights Snowmobile Club 32nd Annual Snow & ATV Show,

9am-5pm Spokane County Fair & Expo Center, Admission $10.00, 14 & under free, Military $5.00 ID required. See Website for details:


-11/17/2012 WSSA Leadership Mtg at the “Last Resort”:

Club Presidents are encouraged to attend.

New Businesss:

Trina announced that we have switched Club bank to BECU to cut out fees we were being charged.

Tim Horton reminded everyone that the CDS Board members will “All” need to be replaced in the coming year as terms are up. So to think about whom might want to volunteer for positions next yearJ

Trina presented Budget Proposal to be similar to last year. Lee also told Trina that WSSA is looking for a new insurance carrier that is less expensive and he will keep her posted if he hears anything. Trina is also collecting receipts from anyone who is needing to be reimbursed from the CDS Banquet 2012. Lee added that they discussed 5013C rating on tax returns are needed to be done by clubs. Trina acknowledged she was aware & has updated.

Kurt moved to vote, Bob seconded, budget passed w/ majority.


Kurt Zeutschel brought in several 10lb bags of fresh Albacore Tuna to be sold at $50.00 a bag & donated to CDS. A BIG THANK YOU TO KURT! 

Old Business:


Tim brought up that Sheri Hyytinen is still acting Secretary. No one volunteered at this time.


Open Floor:


Bill Yager brought his handmade Lifting Straps that are 6’ or 8’ some with tow heads. He has a website w/ pictures at he also has a Facebook page and will have his straps available at all the meetings and rides.

Tim Horton announced he is looking for a House w/ a Large Barn to buy or lease in the Snohomish or Outer King County area so if anyone knows of anything let him know.


50/50 Raffle:

Thank you, Mike Collins for helping out doing the raffle ticket job tonight.

$116.00 total collected. $58.00 Went to Mark Berg. Congratulations.