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2012 April CDS Membership Meeting Minutes

Cascade DriftSkippers Snowmobile Club

CDSMinutes:  Wednesday, 4/11/2012

Held at 6:00pmat the Issaquah Elks, 765, Issaquah, WA

Membership &Budget Meeting


Meeting called to order by President, Tim Horton

Minutes taken by: Secretary, Sheri Hyytinen


Tim Horton called meeting to order. Tim brought the Ellensburg Newspaper featuringthe illusive “Mels Hole” to pass around.


Brian Cook reported no new members but had some info. later to share about his tripto Whistler. Wants to plan a trip next Spring w/ Mick to do a CDS Ride.  Rental sleds available if needed at Brandywine through Shawn Wilson. Brian also reviewed Website and found 24 different committees that may need to be edited, reviewed,& corrected.


Trina Martin gave Treasurer’s Report.


Lee Koger reported that the Steak Ride was a success. Approx.42 riders split into 3 different groups. Darrel grandsons came riding their 340’s and did a Great Job! There was a story about one of his grandsons finding a roll of 20 dollar bills in one of Darrel’s old coats…didn’t get a finder’s fee. Lee’s & Mick’s group were late so Mario had to be Chef Extrordinaire which he was! Mark’s group lost Lisa for a very long time possibly due to picking up lost riders & miscounting. They called all the groups that could be reached and everyone was on the lookout. With the help of having several Rino radios they were able to locate her but there are no excuses for missing people in your group. There were non-club members lost & stuck needing help & CDS members were there to lend a hand. Fred went w/ Russ & Jen and they had a great time. Lee brought Steaks to raffle off later in the meeting.


Ed Lightfoot thanked everyone who was able to attend his Birthday Party. He told the story of how he had to get a tuxedo for his cruise dinners and how he got his top hat and tuxedo…the very distinguished top hat ended up costing twice as much as the tuxedo.


Upcoming Events:

4/20-4/27/2012   MickSteinman’s Whistler  Trip

Riding at Brandywine, to Hurley, Rutherford,&            Pemberton Ice Caves. Has some floor space available at his Condo.

4/20/2012           Friendsof Avalanche                                     

$65.00 Sand Point Naval, Mountaineers Lodge, Magnuson ParkContact Mick Steinman


5/19/2012           CDSBanquet                                          

6/2/2012              Snow ParkClean Up

Will be meeting at Ken’s Truck Stop for Breakfast at about 8am more later                    

6/5-6/9/2012       ISC(Internat’lSnowmobile Congress)


8/17-8/19/2012   WSSASummer Mtg                                                 

Blu-Shastin RV Park, 3300 Hwy 97, Peshastin, WA 98847

9/8 or 9/15/12     Mick& Andrea’s Lake Cavanaugh Annual Event


1/26-1/27/2013   Whistling Jack’s Overnight Ride

                             Call Soon to get yourreservations

2/9/2013             Tentative Wounded Warrior Ride

3/30/2013           Lee& Shirley’s Steak Ride

4/27/2013           Tentative Mick & Brian Whistler Club Ride


Rusty Ski Award: 


Lee nominatedKurt for rolling his sled 5-6 times, on purpose he added, down hill to upright position to save time & energy. Kelly has video of Mario stunt.Leenominated John for losing Lisa for over an hour.Mick nominated Fred for getting stuck during lunch, but at least he had a radio.  Tim nominated Pete Beaupain for loosingtrailer.

Bill Johnsonnominated John, Bob nominated Fred. Many nominations not sure who was awarded…



Rubber Side Up Award Nominations: 

Brian nominated Sheri for falling over on the road & sliding sideways awhile…on his sled.Linda nominated Mick for rolling his sled over a log when he went to help Leeat Convention on a Safety Ride. Dwayne saved Lee by pushing him out of the wayas the sled came rolling towards him. Mick nominated Kurt for Rolling sled approx 5 times. Lisa nominated Mike for doing a face plant after going up ahill behind 3 other people who were already stuck. Linda nominated Sheri &Mike for doing a Mr.& Mrs. Stuck one right after another on the same spot.


Person/Couple of the Year Award:

Lee nominated Trina for all her help & participation & doing so much all year. Mick nominated Mike & Sheri for being at every event this year. Fred nominated Ken & Linda for leading so many rides this year & All they hard workmaking arrangements for all of our out of state overnight trips. Bill Yager nominated Shirley & Lee for all their participation & for all their work every year on the Expo. Bill Johnson nominated Elwood & Rebecca for alwayshaving an Open Door policy if the pass is closed or if anyone finds they need to stay overnight also for their annual New Year’s Party.


Mileage Award:

Tim reminded everyone who wants to report their mileage for the year needs to email him by4/30/2012.


Tim also reminded anyone who has an Special Awards for various funny ideas to feel free to be creative.


New Business: Secretary no one elected. Sheri agrees to continue until someone is elected. Timasked if anyone would volunteer to help on the Banquet Committee. No volunteers. Several ideas were offered for the Banquet:


Kenny suggested we Rent a Room at a Community Hall or somewhere. Darrel suggested we do an Argosy Cruise but cost would be approx $75 per person plus. Sheri suggestedBowling. Brian found info for ACME Bowling where we could get a Board Room & catered food.  Emerald Downs approx$30-$35 per person no meeting room unless price goes up. Board members to find out more info & plan Banquet.

Tim brought Elks out to give them a Big Thank you for the year & help on Wounded Warrior Ride. Special thanks to Dave thenew Chef.


Tim Thanked Everyone for their participation FB and keeping subjects for CDS infoprimarily.


Mick remindedeveryone that the Friends of Avalanche is having an event on 4/20 at Sand Point Naval Mountaineers Lodge at Magnuson Park. 

Baker Shoot outis on 4/14.


WSSA Report-Dick Elkins reported that there have been vandals shooting out the Sani-cans at French Cabin Creek & ReeserCreek. Fred proposed someone should contact Pam Conkley to explore the possibilities of having her look into costs of vandalism being charged to the hunters since they appear to be using them for target practice. Sheri will sendoff an email. Reminder ISC is between 6/5-6/9 in Maine. WSSA Summer Camp is 8/17-8/19 at theBlue Shasta RV Park there is a Camp out & wide out discussion and everyone should go to one of these meetings sometime.


Open Floor:

Lee reminded everyone to get there Whistling Jack Reservations for 1/26/2013 next year the rooms are filling up fast.


Linda told story of how Trina bumped into her and apologized to for roosting her. She also wanted to Give Bill Yager a Big Thank You for his straps that really worked well helping get sleds unstuck.


Bob Pose reminded everyone he still has scratchers for sale.


Tim Thanked theClub for all their participation & a Special Thank You to Ed!


Tim asked Trina how much the 50/50 money was raised. Trina said that there was $364.50. Club voted to use for the Banquet. Grand total after last raffle this mtg is$418.50.


50/50 Raffle $108.00 Kurt won $54.00. Lee brought Steaks from Steak Ride to raffle off. Winners Ed, Dick & Mario.