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2012 March CDS Membership Meeting Minutes


Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club

CDS Minutes:  Wednesday, 3/14/2012

Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Elks, 765, Issaquah, WA

Membership & Budget Meeting


Meeting called to order by President, Tim Horton

Minutes taken by: Secretary, Sheri Hyytinen


Tim Horton called meeting to order.



VP Brian Cook reported on Membership & Treasurer’s Report:

Introduction of Tim & Vonnie Penerlick as new CDS members. Tim has been a valuable resource in the past months keeping us updated & informed on Grooming issues. A Warm Welcome to our newest members.


Upcoming Events:

Steak Ride                   March 31, 2012 RSVP to Lee & Shirley Koger

Ed Lightfoot      April 1, 2012

Women’s Ride  March 24, 2012



Past Events-Ride Reports:

-Hogloppit was cancelled

-WSSA Rendezvous & Joseph, Oregon Trip.  Linda reported that we had a successful fun filled time. There was a great turn out for the WSSA Rendezvous in Walla Walla.  From Walla Walla a number of people drove to Joseph, Oregon.  A total of 16 members met at the Beautiful Eagle Crest Lodge on Tuesday 2/21/12. The condo was 3 stories and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We rode for another 4 days straight.  Linda arranged for maps and some locals w/ modified turbo sleds to take us on a great boondocking ride. Derrick & Fred led another partial adventurous ride. We had 3 days of Sunshine beautiful snow & even ran across the “Throttle Chix” Annual Halfway ride. We got to talk with Emilie Moreshead from Octane production, Brandy Floyd’s friend, and she told us that a total of 42 riders showed up for that event.  Lots of pictures on the CDS website.


-10/3/2012 Wounded Warrior Ride:  Best year Ever!   

Thank you all for participating in the Most Successful WW ride. We really had a great group who made it all worth while with their enthusiasm & appreciation. I feel blessed to have been a part of a most rewarding experience.


Our Wounded Warriors were:

Bruce Hartley (In charge of soldiers)

Ulises Oseguera                      Jeanette Rodriguez

Jazz Burney                             Jade Phillips

Greg Williams                         Rebecca Carroll

John Steele                              Glenda Gates 

Elks Volunteers:  Ralph Moore & Monte Russell

CDS Volunteers:

Pete Beaupain Coordinator of the WW Event          

Brian Cook and his friend Terry cooked breakfast for WW

Mick & Andrea Steinman                  

Tim Horton                                         Tony Depangrazio

Bill Johnson                                        Craig Kvam

Mike Call & Wendy Wester               Bob Seeley

Gary Harris                                         Rod Luce

H. Shane Briel                                     Darrell Hanberg

Bill Badgley                                        Bill Yager

Lee & Shirley Koger                           Sheri Hyytinen

(Randy Erling present for Skidoo Promo that was cancelled came over to join in the fun)


Our first ride had 2 groups and left around 10am, returned around 2ish for the Elks Chili dog, snacks, & drinks.

Group 1- Ride leader: Mick Steinman & his Sweep: Tony Depangrazio & Bob Seeley

CDS riders: Mike Call, Gary Harris w/ Katie from the News Tribune & WW riders: Janette (who made her first snowman), Jazz, Rebecca, & Bruce. Report of a great ride except for someone needing to replace a belt. They even had a little sidetrack adventure.

Group 2-Ride Leader: Bill Johnson & his Sweep: Craig Kvam

CDS riders: Rod, Shane, & Darrell w/ WW riders: Ulises, John & Jade also Elks volunteer Monte. Report of fun ride but Rod’s sled engine froze up & had to be towed back by Bill Johson.


Elks provided a yummy Chili dog lunch w/ snacks, chips & drinks then they were back out for another ride.


2nd ride Leader Mick w/ his Sweeps Tony & Bob; CDS riders Shane, Darrell & Gary.  WW riders: Ulises, Jazz, Greg, John, Rebecca, Jade & Glenda new rider on Gary’s 2-up sled.  Report of some hill climbing & a downhill experience.


After the rides the Elks Club provided hamburger & fries and complimentary drinks…very satisfying after a long day of riding.


Rusty Ski Award – Mario awarded Bob Posey.  He was caught in a tree well and ended up w/ a fairly serious ankle injury.


50/50 Raffle – Total collected $80.00 Winner given $40.00