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2011 December CDS Membership Meeting Minutes



        Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club

CDS Minutes:  Wednesday, 12/14/2011

Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Elks, 765, Issaquah, WA

Membership & Budget Meeting


Meeting called to order by President, Tim Horton

Minutes taken by: Secretary, Sheri Hyytinen


First order of business Tim suggested going to to get a list of ethanol-free gas stations in the US. They will also download free iPhone app that provides locations. The main advantages of Ethanol are that it burns cleaner than gas and comes from renewable resources.


VP Brian Cook in charge of membership

- New Members were introduced:

Greg Perry has been riding for 5 years has an ’08 Summit 1100 Turbo Arctic Cat

Mike & Kathy Castle introduced by Lee. Big Welcome to all our New Members!


Pete reported:

  1. Amber Holt Ride will be the 1st & 3rd weeks of March at Island Park by Yellowstone. Sleds will be provided. Good plan is to fly to Idaho Falls & drive up.
  2. Discover Passes available & good idea to purchase them to help contribute to Park & Recreation due to the economy every little bit will help.

Trina Martin gave Treasurer Report


Minutes were voted & approved by majority.


Tim commented that Dick Elkins was a guest at the last board meeting & reminded everyone that they are welcome to attend.


Ride Reports:


Elwood & Rebecca reported on the Christmas Tree Ride-

Approximately 32 sledders participated and resulted in a few different ride groups. Elwood indicated that by the time he called for a ride meeting part of the group had already left.  We started out on a beautiful sunny day & three people brought back their trees. After the trees were cut, there were groups that wanted to continue on longer rides. Glenn Markovits led a ride around Beeler pass and found some powder did a little side hilling but exceptionally well organized & fun! There were a couple of mishaps on the other rides: Bill Johnson ended up w/ his sled over the edge of a sharp turn; Darrel’s sled caught on fire; and Kurt Zeustchel ended up having his track torn off by a stump. There were several fun stories told at the Christmas Exchange party that followed & a few Snomads that helped were invited to the Potluck. The Easton Saloon provided a decorated room, microwaves & use of their oven. A Big Thank you to Danny & Mike who were very accommodating in setting up the tables & chairs & even hung up our banner. 

Dick Elkins missed the party so he brought in his exchange present which was a box of hand warmers & handed them out to anyone who wanted them. Thank you Dick!

Rebecca Hunt reported that the food was GREAT & she got the Best gift ever. A six candle Christmas decorated holder.

Linda Bowne thanked Tim, Sheri & Christina (Glenn’s daughter) for decorating & setting up potluck.


Future rides:

12/17/2012 Whistling Jack Ride, Leader Fred Wemer

Skill level Intermediate must be able to boondock, must have beacon, shovel & radio. There are usually not a lot of stopping, must be on time, buddy system, radios. Estimated 111 miles


12/29-1/1/2012 New Years Ride, Easton, Leader Elwood & Rebecca Hunt

Skill level Intermediate must be able to boondock, must have beacon, shovel & radio.

Sign up through CDS. Accommodations for 12 people 6 rigs, first come first serve


12/30-1/2/2012 New Years Ride, Lake Wenatchee Ride, Leader Glen Markovits

Skill level Intermediate must be able to boondock, must have beacon, shovel & radio. Will be riding Trinity, Snow Cone & others areas.

Gas Station Store, Midway Rec Club has 3 cabins & RV hookups


1/13-16/2012 Priest Lake, ID Ride, Leader John Budig  

Skill level Intermediate must be able to boondock, must have beacon, shovel & radio

He has cabin and can accommodate 12 people must RSVP him, also RV spots available

May be postponed due to snow levels.

Some directions: Bellevue to Priest Lake approx. 6 hrs. Go I-90 to Post Falls then Trent then 95 to Spirit Lakes, US 95 26miles to Priest lake. For more info call John Budig 425-765-5578 or 425-765-5578 email


1/21-1/28/2012 Whistler, Canada, Leader Mick Steinman

Skill level. Intermediate must be able to boondock, must have beacon, shovel & radio

Call Mick 425-774-0790 or 206-949-7837 email


1/28-1/29/2012 Whistling Jack Overnight Ride, Mike Hyytinen reported-leader Mark Berg & Lee Koger. 

Skill level for Mark Berg’s rides generally Intermediate but we can split groups as needed to accommodate any skill level usually for this yearly ride. Should be able to boondock, should have beacon, shovel & radio. Please check website for more details. Reservations at Whistling Jack need to be made ASAP. Call 1-800-827-2299 for reservations.


Rusty Ski Award went to Bill Johnson. Several people had stories to tell about the mishaps on the Christmas tree rides but the vote went to Bill. Not available to receive award will have him sign next meeting.



“Brandy Floyd” celebrity from Octane Productions, Flirting with Danger

Brandy has ridden for 11 years. Fantastic presentation geared towards encouraging woman with her Motivational words for current or aspiring female riders and drivers:
Keep at it, don’t give up. Always push your limits on the hill. If you think you can, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you want to, DO. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Pick your own trails, ride for YOU not anyone else and Have Fun!


Promoted 12th “Annual Ladies” ride out of Halfway, OR.  2/25/2012 Limited to 10 riders

Elk Lake Central OR ride 3/9-3/11/2012


Brandy shared some great stories, pictures, imparted some great tips for riding and suggestions for gear:

Rouse guard chest protector by Fly lightweight & durable

Spivot knee guard, Fly very flexible & saves wear & tear on knees

BCA Back country Avalanche wing: Demonstration done on how easy to use

Go to & order Sealed Re-useable Chemical packs the same as used by Search & Rescue. You can get 6pks for $17.95

Use Straps to help pull a sled out of a rut it allows more leverage if used on bumper to get out of a trench.


She also brought posters, videos, & calendars. Big Thank You to Brandy for coming to the meeting.


Fred Wemer wanted to Thank Dan Johnson & Mick Steinman for helping clear the Coal Creek Bypass area. Elwood & Tom Imm for helping dig out the slide area & Bill Yager for towing pallets.

He also made suggestion to nominate Nick Whitman for Groomer of the Year at Convention.

Thank you to Bob Seeley & Glen Markowits for helping w/ Kurt’s sled that lost its track on a stump.




Tim has addressed complaints about the food to the Elks club.

Groomer Report Kay Lloyd hurt shoulder unable to attend CDS meeting will send email.

WSSA Safety Report by Mick Steinman

Check Avalanche reports before you go and know when you will be back.

WSSA District 1 Representative Dick Elkins report:

ACSA Calendars available for $20.00 drawing every month for people who buy calendars. Winner every month.

Olympia Days scheduled for 2/1/2012. Attending this function lets our State Representatives & Senators know that we ARE interested about keeping our trails open & we ARE a presence as constituents. Lack of our presence and constant reminders allow them to think that we do not care about what they do w/ our trails, money from license tabs & gas taxes imposed.

FYI if CDS is planning on doing a Bucket Run that there are new state regulations.


50/50 Raffle

Total amount collected $152.00. $76.00 to Dick Elkins Congrats! Raffled Chocolates compliments of a left over Christmas exchange gift. Chocolates went to Sheri & Rebecca.