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Christmas tree 2010 ride report

Three of us who showed up Sunday, December 12, 2010 for the ride went out in light intermittent rain and each harvested a beautiful tree.  Since the people who plow the roads had left berms so high making it difficult to get over onto the JWPT, we trailered to the Reload snow park. However, the snow plow also did the same thing at the Snow Park so the ride leader needed the assistance of the two women on the ride to upright his sled after he attempted to make a path over the compacted berm. There was about a foot of new heavy wet snow on the trail and in the Snow Park from the previous afternoon. It covered the trail but it didn’t hide the fact that the trail had been heavily ridden without being groomed. Overall the trail was pretty nice. We did not encounter any other riders. The sky was thinly overcast and not raining while we were harvesting our trees. At times we could almost see the sun. The leader had a few slow speed tip-over’s that required the assistance of the women. We towed the trees home on a tarp. However, Elwood wanted to know why we harvested DeAnn’s tree from a fire, due to its lower limbs not being in the tarp, they ended up without any needles!   Seven of us had a nice pot luck which is always the case at the Hunts. With the temperature in the 50s on the West side of the Pass the freeway was like a summer drive.

As viewed by Fred, substitute ride leader while Elwood recovers from surgery.