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Whistlin' Jack Overnight Ride 1/30/10


We left Judy & Keith Gardner's (thanks for the parking) with 35 sleds & 36 riders, adding 2 more by Taneum. Head counts were a nightmare. Grooming was excellent as we went down the road like a giant slinky. Didn't see any other sleds until the Barber Springs turn, or maybe they saw us & hid. In the Bald Mt area we split into 2 groups where most went boondocking & the rest of us took the longer & very smooth road route through Rock Creek. The last 5 or 6 miles were a little bumpy , but not bad & we had snow all the way to 410. Dinner at WJ was great & loud. Some ears may have been singed but, we didn't get thrown out.

Live entertainment in the bar was a "one man show" named Dan Elkins. You may remember him, if not, I'm sure he would remember Elkins. Mike H has some video of the goings on including his "interesting" interaction with a local & one of the waitresses.

On the return trip, one sled broke down about 6 miles out of WJ & Joe had to tow him. We split up again & eventually all met where we split on Saturday. From the Barber Springs turn off, Bob Seelye led us past Walter Springs & White Woman's grave. Apparently we had split again & met the others by chance at the Tamarac Springs turn. When we got back to Gardner's, we were only missing one sled. Everything turned out well, but, John & Lisa have the last word on that.