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HomeSnow Festival 01/17/10
Sunday January 17, 2010
7 CDS members got up very early and met up at the Safeway in Enumclaw and drove up to the Greenwater Snopark. The snow level was very high and we had to park at the 2nd gravel pit. We all unloaded and headed up the 'dirt' road for about 1/2 mile till we hit the 'ice' road. After about a mile of this we got to the groomed trail and headed up to Government Meadows. It was very foggy in the meadow and was hard to see much past the cabin. We headed over to the 19 road and bombed our way over to the Little Natches Snopark. It is only 20 miles over there and went pretty fast as the trails were freshly groomed. The Yakima Ski Benders were having their annual poker run; all of us bought some hands and off we went in search of snow. We had time to take Mark Berg up to Raven's Roost as he had never been there before, unfortunately it was cloudy and you couldn't see a lot. But there was some nice powder on top and we actually got to play some. After that we continued down the trail to finish up the poker run. Out of all of us Mark had the best hand with a flush, then Linda with 3 aces, Ken with 3 queens and Sheri playing for Kay Lloyd had 2 pair. Each of us got to bring home a nice prize. Mike tried to talk us in to picking the case of beer but we didn't think it would be very easy to strap it to the back of the sled for the ride home. After that we headed back over to Government Meadows only to find it still fogged in so we decided to call it a day and head to the Naches Tavern for dinner and stimulating conversation.

Linda BowenSnow Festival 01/17/10