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Home12-28-07 ride report

Four riders led by Elwood in low ceiling light  at 11:10, rode on new, heavy, wet, snow to the Reload Sno-park. This three mile section took over an hour and 20 minutes. And everyone in the group was in need of help, some more than once. Helmetless heads were steaming. We then proceeded effortlessly over the new bypass trail to Stampede with Fred leading on the groomed, but not recently, trail. We went up to the repeater station on a bumpy well traveled trail. At the top we went through the same process of digging out only a few feet from the traveled trail.

Deciding we hd had enough of this we proceeded to Stampeded Pass where Elwood showed us a new cross country trail to the JWPT on much better snow and conditions. However,  Rebecca, while her sled was stuck in a field under the powerline had a serious long distance radio conversation with Elwood while Charlie helped get her sled unstuck. We returned to Elwood's down the JWPT, through the Reload and the trail to Woods and Steel powerline arriving at 4:45 with 42 miles, tired but with another day to remember.