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Mick's Blewett Pass Ride March 4, 2007

Sunday, Mick led nine riders (DeAnn, Chuck, Charlene, Keith, Cameron, Mike C. Dick, and Fred) on an overgrown trail full of windfalls.  Mick advertised his ride as an off-road adventure at Blewett Pass and an adventure he excellently delivered. The weather was overcast, the trail somewhat bumpy, and the light flat. Only a few feet from the car, Dick started leaving his crumb droppings, possibly in an attempt to find his way home. At the five-mile corner, he untangled the balance of his crumbs from his track, a full bag of bungies; several of us returned some & most of the rest he left on the trail.

As advertised, Mick led us off-road and into thick trees; the best part of creative riding! Though, under threat of Charlene, who wanted to ride the road, rather than pull sleds around trees all day, we moved back on the road for a short time, with short jaunts off-trail. About two hours into the ride, deep snow stalled the riders. Fred, on his Dragon, built a trail up and back so the group could proceed. Visibility was not very good and being only a little off the beaten track could get you stuck. After the larger sleds played in some big bowls, we stopped for lunch.  Mick talked about going back by the road but DeAnn talked him into doing an old trail he knew. He dropped us over some long steep hills in thick trees using his chains. We located an old over-grown road and we proceeded to saw our way through to a creek.


After a short check ride, we built a snow bridge over a fast flowing creek where Mick & the rest got across safely.


We arrived back at the trucks a little after dark with about 40 miles on our sleds.  Congratulation Mick, on what was more adventure than most “Fred” rides.

Six of us stopped at the El Capporal in Cle Elum for a great dinner and recap of the adventure.