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Club News

April 10, 2019 CDS Meeting Minutes & Board Elections

Published on 6/9/2019


Cascade Drift Skippers Meeting Minutes


March 13, 2019


Held at Rogue Ales & Spirits (Issaquah Brewhouse)

35 W Sunset Way, Issaquah, WA 98027

Dinner & Social Hour 5:30

Meeting 7:00pm

️New Members News:

Darren King got new sleds! Now he doesn’t have to ride Carrie’s sled😊

Upcoming Events:
5/18/19 Snow Park Clean-up.Volunteers needed.

6/01/19 CDS Annual Award Banquet. We are doing the End of Year Party at Lake Sammamish State Park. It will be held at the Rotunda Shelter. Mike & Sheri Hyytinen will be doing a Pig Roast. A big Thank you to Kylie Lake for offering to help. It will be a Hawaiian Potluck so bring all your favorite foods to share & wear you loudest Hawaiian attire. Please feel free to call if you have any other Fun suggestions. More to be posted on FB. Email reminder to be sent out to members.

Grooming Report by Bill Yager
Grooming has Officially ended. Fish & Wildlife have locked gates in areas. So be cautious to stay out of those areas. 

Ride Reports:
Lee Koger reported on the Steak ride. He gave a little history of the 1st Steak ride that was held. It began sometime in 1989 or 1990 and they actually strapped the BBQ & food on sleds and rode out to an area on Blewett pass. Kenny VanAssche had an ice chest with the macaroni & potato salad and it sort of came loose on his sled & ended up becoming Mac & Potato salad by the time they got there. They decided that the ride should be separate from the Steak Potluck after that. Historically the largest groups have been 24-35 people on the rides. So they have always broke up the groups to be safer. Up to 40+ people have attended the BBQ in the past. This year around 29-30 people came to ride and/or come for the dinner. We had split into ride groups and everyone showed back up around 3:00 to have dinner. Steaks  & potluck dishes were delicious and jello shots were a plenty.

Kyle Engeberg reported that he has ridden Baker, Kachess didn't have any bare roads yet. Reload has dirt riding. Stevens pass is closed on the 21st. 

Mick Steinman went to Bear Lake, which is on the Idaho corner of Utah & Wyoming. John Woodward & Bob Seelye, Lee Koger, Pete Johanson participated. Well worth the trip! Good grooming & great riding. Enough snow to ride until June. Around 15 miles to the snow park.
Mick also invited people to let him know if they are interested in going to Whistler the last week in April or mid-May. 

He also added that British Columbia Caribou Recovery Program is a great concern. It involves a study of Caribou that can affect closures of snowmobiling & other recreational activities. Your feedback is needed on FB on: 
There is also a petition online to stop consultation until all parties concerned can be heard: 

️WSSA Updates by Tony Keys:
Last Snoflyer has been posted so is available for your pleasure.
More Certified Chain Sawyer instructors to be available. Brushing cleaning must be certified or equipment could be confiscated. Carl Corn volunteered that he would be re-certified. 
Sled registration is down.
Good news the Snow-Bike bill was passed the House & now pending review in the Senate. 
Carl & Mick reminded everyone to register their sleds. All the money on registration is used & set aside for grooming in the following years. Congress often sees the money available & tries to allocate it elsewhere so we always have to keep our lobbyists supported with the legal fund.

️WSSA Safety Commissioner/NWAC Jon Ferrian not present Stephanie Driskell reported:
Reminded everyone to be cautious of all areas. The rain can create layers that can be treacherous.

️Reminder to Vote for Rubberside Up, Horse's Patoot, turn in mileage for the Mileage Award. 

️Congratulations to All Our New Board Members!

President Tony Keys
Vice President:  Kyle Engeberg
Treasurer:  Edythe Ferrian
Secretary: Darren King