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April 25, 2018 CDS Meeting Minutes

Published on 5/23/2018

Cascade Drift Skippers Club Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, 4/25/2018
Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Rogue Ales & Spirits
(Issaquah Brewhouse)

Board Members:
President:                                 Stephanie Sims Driskell
Grooming Coordinator:            Carl Corn
WSSA District 1 South Rep:     Mike Potratz

**Received very sad news that Our Mike & Sharon Portratz are moving to Nevada shortly after the Summer Award Banquet. They always loved, never forgotten & forever missed…until they come back to RIDE!**

Please contact a Board member if you are interested in the WSSA District 1 South Representative position.

The meeting was called to order. Stephanie welcomed everyone & gave a brief over view of the agenda.

5/19/2018 SnoPark Clean-Up: Mick Steinman to lead Salmon La Sac Cleanup
Pete Beaupain & Jon Ferrian to lead Gold Creek Cleanup
Please register for either the Gold Creek SnoPark or the Salmon La Sac SnoPark on the CDS Calendar at

Ride Reminders:
Fabulous Ferrian Rides are posted on Facebook and if they are not posted you can message Jon Ferrian because he goes out nearly every weekend somewhere for Family/Intermediate or Advanced Rides.
Also, Check or Post any potential rides on FB for upcoming rides.

Other Events:

6/2/2018 CDS End of the Year Award Banquet Pig Roast & Potluck:
Please Register on the Calendar at
The Time: 9-8:00pm Dinner will be around 3-4:00pm Bring Potluck dish to share at dinner.
The Place: Lake Sammamish State Park (Discover Pass required)

Carl Corn has coordinated reserving the Rotunda. He clarified that there are sandy spots on the beach to park boats. Also wanted to remind everyone adult beverages are “Only” allowed in the Rotunda area, not on any other area at the park. He also mentioned that CDS is looking for volunteers to coordinate the Expo volunteers & a committee to organize the Holiday Party in December.
If we are thinking about reserving Suncadia the 8th or 15th we need to do so early or will be not available for the party.

Link to park info:

This year we have reserved the Rotunda Day Use Picnic area at the Sammamish park and plan on smoking a Pig for the event. The Rotunda area is available from 9:30am and the Pig is expected to be ready for dinner around 3-4pm. Bring your favorite side dish to share at dinner and snacks for the day.

Fun Activities:
Boating, kayaking, hiking, biking, etc So bring all your boats, kayaks,& water toys for some Fun on the Beach! 2 Horseshoe Pits Volleyball 2 Baseball/Softball fields Wildlife/Bird watching
Rentals on the Beach see

If it's beautiful & sunny or even if it's overcast or a little chilly there is a fire pit in the shelter so bring your firewood & marshmallow's, too!

Ride Reports:

Kyle & Bruce Engberg reported they rode Lake Kachess area Mon. & Tues. 4/15/2018 & there ws 20” of new snow. Mount Baker was good but wet snow when the sun came out. Kyle is willing to ride anyday with anyone who has a truck, Gatorade & snacks

Stephanie reported that Stevens is still opne on the back side for riding. Jon Ferrian reported that Stampede-Lost Lake/Lake Kachess still rideable.

Bill Yager reported that Reeser Creek, Blewett & Cooper still has snow, too!

Jon Ferrian asked if anyone is interested the NW Glacier Cruisers is asking for help with their Mt. Baker Ultra marathon. Contact Jon.

Pete Beaupain reported that he went to Maine for a week but they only have trail riding around lakes. Farther north to Canada there is mountain riding available.

Carl Corn reported he took Stephanie & Alex to Pemberton & they had a great time 2 out of 3days riding the area. They also rode Rutherford & it was groomed trails past the cabin. They stayed at the Pemberton Lodge which is north of Whistler. 5k drive to Rutherford. Carl Corn also went to the Glacier House, Revelstoke BC in 11/2017 & suggested it’s a great possible destination ride for around 10 people in the future. Maybe Jan or Feb. You can ride in gas up & ride out of the town.

Mick Steinman reported he has his Whistler timeshare available 4/28-5/4/2018 if anyone is interested call him. He is not able to go.

Jon Ferrian would like to plan a Group destination trip to Cook city next year. Keep a look out for future info.

Elections of Awards:
*Reminder to go to FB & Vote online*

Jack Davis received Rubber side up Award last year & nominated Alex Driskell. No story attached at this time

Lee Koger nominated Bob Posey for the Horse’s Patoot award. During the postponed overnight Whistling Jack ride he lost his britches so to speak in his sled track. Actually, he left his pack open & at the very last leg of the trip which had lots of woops his clothes ended up shaking out of his sled pack & ended up tangled up in his track. The boys had fun trying to hang his garments on the trees

Bill Yager & Mark McGraw are neck & neck in competition for the mileage award.

Elections of Board Members Results:

President: Stephanie Driskell
Vice Pres: Carl Corn
Treasurer: Edythe Ferrian
Interim Secretary: Sheri Hyytinen
**Need Volunteer for Groomer Coordinator (replacing Carl Corn) & WSSA District 1 WSSA Rep (replacing Mike Portratz)

Ongoing Projects:

Forest Service permitting process of 2nd signature needed has taken longer than expected. This resulted in the Beacon Station not being available this upcoming season. Warming hut project pending permit process.

Mick Steinman reported that this Fall there will be 16 NWAC Board of Directors needed. People with financial expertise wanted. See Mick if you are interested. Jon Ferrian added that NWAC Board is comprised of Professional Businessman who are focused and have a high level of expectation. Great opportunity to get experience and for self-development.

Jon also wanted to remind everyone of the NWAC Sled Fest at the Big Block Brewery on 5/19/2018. Buy tickets or membership for beer & pizza. New NWAC t-shirts will be revealed & big Raffle with Great prizes. Stop by after the Sno park cleanup!

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