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2012 February CDS Membership Meeting Minutes


Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club

CDS Minutes:  Wednesday, 2/3/2012

Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Elks, 765, Issaquah, WA

Membership & Budget Meeting


Meeting called to order by President, Tim Horton

Minutes taken by: Secretary, Sheri Hyytinen


First order of business Tim Horton asked Pete Beaupain to talk about the Wounded Warrior Ride. So far he has approx. 8 sleds; Brian Cook will have his trailer & be doing breakfast on Saturday. Tim, Brian, Mike ?, and Mick will be staying overnight & have their trailer’s/RV’s available to use as warming huts. Their will be club rides on Friday & Sunday only.Saturday the focus is only the Wounded Warriors.

1)    The Elks have arranged for each rider to sign a responsibility form

2)    Pete will be sending an email for volunteers for helping at the park, donating gloves, boots, etc. Please feel free to contact Pete if you are able to donate time or equipment.

3)    The Elks have agreed to provide food & pay insurance for the even.

VP Brian Cook reportIdeas on organizing a Fun Day.

Treasurer Report presented by Trina Martin. Explained that we are in process of changing our banks to BECU to reduce bank fees. Also, CDS business cards were passed out to promote club membership.

Rebecca Hunt is elected as CDS Historian: Tim has been wanting someone to be a central point to send pictures & organize photos on the website.  After some encouragement Rebecca was nominated by Mike Hyytinen seconded & passed by majority.  


Club members sharing w/ club members

Bill Yager brought his handmade Lifting Straps that are 6’ or 8’ some with tow heads. He also has a website w/ pictures at he also has a Facebook page.

Bob Posey & Ken Bowen brought in Ice Scratchers for sale. They bought them wholesale to pass on the savings. Thanks Guys!

Future Events:


2/11 SnoJammers Fun Run Valentines Day.

2/17 – 2/20/2012 WSSA’s Winter Rendezvous don’t miss the best rides of the season.

President’s Day Weekend in Walla Walla, WA. Linda had reservation forms to pass out & they are on the WSSA website. She also commented that the focus during the day is the rides and the meetings are in the evenings.  Dick Elkins brought Poster’s to pass out.

Don’t forget to bring your photo’s for the contest. There are several catagories Family, Action, Vintage & scenic.

3/24 Brandy Floyd Ride at  Salmon La Sac see


Past Events-Ride Reports:

- Mick Steinman Whister Rides – Mick reported that the rides were not long 40-50 miles per day due to weather. They did the Pemberton area to Braylorn, Rutherford, & Brandywine. Pete reported that he had a good time riding but not such a great time driving back. Trailer problems & got pulled over & had a story.

-New Years Eve there were two rides that went out on 12/29/2011 Thurs. One ride was an adventure ride w/ Fred, Elwood & Rebecca, Kelly & Trina, Bill Yager, Randy Berndt & Mike Collins. The second ride was w/ Linda & Ken, Kate & Dwayne. Then on New Year's Eve we started the year off with a great ride together.

Whistling Jack Overnighter – 42 riders with 4 Great leaders Ken Bowen, Lee Koger, Mark Berg, & Fred Wemer. Mark apparently went up around Manashtash and Randy said at one point, ‘They were stacked up like cord wood!’. Ken made a comment that out of 42 sleds we only had one sled break down which is pretty good odds for the year. Lee wanted to thank & comment that his son Donny & Patty drove around to bring his oxygen machine & CPAP machine.  They usually enjoy riding w/ us every year so a Big Thank You to Patty & Donny! Chris Schroeder’s clutch went out but was able to be towed back & luckily his wife Jill was able to meet him at the Lodge to drive him home. Kate Roth Thanked all the Leaders for the Great Rides! Linda mentioned that Tim stood out in his PJ’s.


Rusty Ski AwardBill Johnson signed ski for month that he was awarded but couldn’t make meeting. Nominations: Lee for Tim on PJ attire for dinner. Tim had not expected to go & decision was last minute so he only brought clothes he sledded in & to sleep in. Bob Posey nominated Darrel he apparently felt there was enough room in Fred’s bed but when he layed down ontop of the covers pretty much pinned Fred in, Fred said he felt like he had been shrink wrapped. Ken Bowen & Kate nominated Bob Posey who went over his handle bars into a tree well. Fred nominated Tim for rolling his sled 3 times & somehow ended up on top. Kurt nominated Fred for his nose dive into a tank trap…but in the end...

Kurt Zeutschel nominated & awarded Mario Vaughn for getting separated from the group and not having a radio. Apparently there was a hill climb & they lost Mario for over ½ hr; Mario said in his defense, he was waiting for the group to catch up to him…

Congratulations to Bill Badgley who’s Picture was picked for the Cover of The WSSA SnoFlyer! Way to go Bill.  He also wanted to comment that as a new member he was apprehensive at first due to the heated discussion on budget issues but then was pleased that we all respected each other’s opinions and came to a compromise. He also wanted to thank everyone for making him feel welcome. He went on a ride feeling a little behind the curve ball & ended up loading his sled into his car accidentally.  Pete called him and said it has been done before & he had done the same thing which made him feel better; Fred shared stories to encourage him to keep learning. Mick took him on off trail rides and said he did a phenomenal job guiding & teaching him about avalanche safety & equipment. Beacons were hidden & Bill was able to locate a beacon in a fairly good time which was encouraging.

Special Speaker Presentation by Tim Penelerick- Came by to ask if anyone had any more questions for him. Reported that there hasn’t been a lot of snow maybe 2” at the Last Resort. Suggestion was made to maybe collect donations at the snow parks. Tim said he has expressed that idea before and maybe buy permits where you ride but so far no positive responses. He explained costs and dangers of grooming during the day so he has developed schedules designed to create the best trails by leaving enough time for the groomed trails to set up before more riders hit them. His primary areas are Last Resort, Salmon La Sac, 29 Pines, & Cooper areas. Discussion on what can be done about a bridge that was removed from the 121 road out of French Cabin Creek over Thorp Creek. Idea was to get 3’ culverts cut in ½ & lay them side by side 16’ wide 2’ above the creek but be moveable in the Spring. Fuel tax issues & dropped registrations discussed. Idea made to have clubs pay for the unregistered sleds to up the moneys available in the fund.

Kay Lloyd followed up w/ grooming report which will be posted to the CDS website under "Club News".


Old Business:

- Coal Creek Bypass Repair Mick Steinman brought up that Volunteers will be needed this Summer/Spring to help w/ repairs.


-Brian invited everyone to do a friend request to the Group ‘CDS Facebook’ Group page.  So far we have gotten 25 members approx. logged on w/ pictures & comments. Good place to keep track of the club’s activities & find out where everyone is going riding or otherwise.



WSSA District 1 Representative Dick Elkins report:

Dick Elkins reported that only 26 people showed up for Olympia Days but it was a great impact coupled w/ the emails & calls that everyone should have made to their legislators. Gary reminded everyone about sending emails to their legislators. Pete talked about Matt Meade’s article sent into the newspapers. Fred commented that if we end up w/ no help it will result in dealing w/ trying to ride private lands w/ no grooming & no bathrooms.

Groomer Report Kay Lloyd 

Kittitas Groomer meeting minutes are now being posted on the CDS website under “Club News” monthly.

50/50 Raffle $128 total collected. Kelly Hayes won $64.00.