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2012 January CDS Membership Meeting Minutes


Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club

CDS Minutes:  Wednesday, 1/11/2012

Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Elks, 765, Issaquah, WA

Membership & Budget Meeting


Meeting called to order by President, Tim Horton

Minutes taken by: Secretary, Sheri Hyytinen


First order of business Tim Horton asked Pete Beaupain to talk about the Wounded Warrior Ride.

Pete introduced a visitor Jonathan Crawford who was interested our club. Pete then explained that he had not gotten anyone emailing him on volunteering for the Wounded Warrior Ride. 3 people raised their hands & will be contacting him on how many sleds will be available.


VP Brian Cook reported on Membership & Treasurer’s Report:

80 members current. He also reported that Whistling Jack rooms are all reserved so if anyone needs a room they will hopefully find one w/ someone who already has a room.


Past Events-Ride Reports:

Rebecca reported on the New Years Eve Week-end. She reported that it was very fun & successful.

-There were two rides that went out on 12/29/2011 Thurs. One ride was an adventure ride w/ Fred, Elwood & Rebecca, Kelly & Trina, Bill Yager, Randy Berndt & Mike Collins. The second ride was w/ Linda & Ken, Kate & Dwayne.

-Fred reported on his Mineral Springs ride on 1/8/12. There are some great pictures on Shutterfly I am still trying to retrieve showing a not so small water crossing & red top mtn. Group included Fred, Elwood & Rebecca, Pete, Darrell, DeAnn, Chris & Jeff H.


Future rides:

1/13-16/2012 Priest Lake, ID Ride, Leader John Budig - Postponed until further notice


1/21-1/28/2012 Whistler, Canada, Leader Mick Steinman - Skill level. Intermediate must be able to boondock, must have beacon, shovel & radio Call Mick 425-774-0790 or 206-949-7837 email


1/28-1/29/2012 Whistling Jack Overnight Ride, Mike Hyytinen reported-leaders Lee Koger, Mark Berg, Ken Bowen & Fred Wemer - Skill level for Mark Berg’s rides generally Intermediate but we can split groups as needed to accommodate any skill level usually for this yearly ride. Should be able to boondock but not mandatory, should have beacon, shovel & radio. Please check website for more details. Reservations at Whistling Jack need to be made ASAP. Call 1-800-827-2299 for reservations.


2/4/2012 Mick Steinman’s Cabin Creek & Avalanche training Ride – Avalanche beacons, probes & shovels not mandatory but will allow you to learn how & when to use your equipment. Will be taking approx. 10 riders about 40-50 miles. Contact Mick for details email or cell phone (206) 949-7837


2/17 – 2/20/2012 WSSA’s Winter Rendezvous don’t miss the best rides of the season

President’s Day Weekend in Walla Walla, WA. Linda had reservation forms to pass out and commented that the focus during the day is the rides and the meetings have been moved to the evenings.


Dick Elkins brought Poster’s to pass out.


Rusty Ski Award went to Kurt Zeutschel by default due to no crash stories better than his.

Bill Yager brought his handmade Lifting Straps that are 6’ or 8’ some with tow heads. His cost to make $7.50.

Brian Cook donated his ‘Spot’ locator to see if the club wanted to talk about paying the cost for the year for the service to have on hand to give to any ride leader so that if there is a problem or a ride is way overdue there would be some way to communicate this online. Discussion but no decision yet.

Brian also introduced the ‘Photo Contest’ details to be posted on the CDS website.



“Paul Austin” Nat’l Champion Asphalt Snowmobile Drag Racer

Paul brought in one of the sleds that he built & has won several races. The room was buzzing w/ questions about modifications, how they make their own clutch weights and how they build many parts specific to the need. How they have specific weights criteria to meet including the weight of the rider. Paul described how they design, analyze, experiment & research all aspects of building their sleds.

Current Pro Stock 1000cc National ET & MPH Record:

Paul Austin – 8.354 ET – Budds Creek, Maryland 2007

Paul Austin – 155.10mph – Toronto, Ontario 2007

The quickest ever Pro Stock 1000cc ¼-mile snowmobile pass occurred just a few months ago in Valdosta, GA during the Eastern Spring Test Nationals – Jeremy Hannen (rider) on the Paul Austin Motorsports PS1000 race sled 8.11 seconds at 157.80mph

4th Annual NSA Pro Stock Asphalt Challenge at MIR

The NSA Pro Stock asphalt snowmobile series will be returning to Maryland International Raceway on August 16, 2008 for the fourth time in NSA history.  MIR is a legendary drag racing facility located in Budds Creek, Maryland and is best known for its near sea level racing surface.  In 2007 during the NSA race at MIR, Paul Austin set a new track record and National Pro Stock 1000cc record with an 8.354-second pass during eliminations.  Austin followed up his record setting run with an incredible 8.213-second pass in the next round! for videos of the sleds he has helped build. Comments on their website:
“Paul Mcleod racing engines are the best, Paul Austin & Jeremy Hannen can't be beat for there knowledge. If anybody out there is struggling with performance on any kind of snowmobile race sled these guys are the ones to see. Hope to see you in Maryland”.

“All 3 past NSA Points Champions use MRE engines, too - Jason Dunigan (2005), Jeremy Hannen (2006) and Jeff Cullen (2007).  The current PS1000 National record holder, Paul Austin, also runs MRE”.



WSSA District 1 Representative Dick Elkins report:

Dick showed us the WSSA Sponsored survey card that was sent out requesting “Tell us your Thoughts”. We are encouraged to fill out every card so that we can contribute information on how many miles we ride (estimate high); say “YES” to willingness to pay $20-$30 extra costs for things like Discovery Pass’ to help avoiding money coming from anywhere else. Gary Harris and Tim Penelerick, groomer commented on the need for moneys due to registrations dropping.

REMINDER: OLYMPIA DAYS scheduled for 2/1/2012. Attending this function lets our State Representatives & Senators know that we ARE interested and active. When people from different areas attend it allows us to put a face to our sport for our Representatives & Senators. Please sign up with Dee Alred and she will call and make your appointments to see your legislators. Phone (509) 965-8305 or e-mail with your name, address

and voting district (if known).

Groomer Report Kay Lloyd  

Kittitas Groomer meeting minutes are now being posted on the CDS website under “Club News” monthly.

Kay’s Special Guest speaker Tim Penelerick, groomer joined us to help review his grooming area & explain how he organizes his crew on a rotation to groom the 145-147 miles including Salmon la sac, Cooper Pass, Teanaway, Cle Elum Ridge, and the surrounding areas. He is contracted by the state parks to run 16 weeks which is from 12/1-4/1. His expectations of CDS as a sponsor is to help w/ clearing trails and brushing as needed. Chris Schroeder offered to volunteer and Tim told him that he had 2 seats open at this time if he was interested and to contact him after the meeting.

-Kay also announced that WSSA has 10 Trail Maintenance Grants available for $1,000 each so she suggested someone write up a proposal for the areas that need trail work.

WSSA Safety Report by Mick Steinman

AVALANCHE TRAINING AT LYNWOOD MOTOPLEX, JANUARY 19TH Presented by Friends of the Avalanche Center.  7-9pm.  Bring your friends and riding partners and learn the basics of avalanche avoidance.  Reservations requested.  Pizza and pop provided during the break and Lynwood Motoplex will be offering exclusive deals for attendees.  Contact Jim Powers at or (425) 774-0505 for details and/or to register.  

Beacon Training ride scheduled for 2/4/2012 French Cabin Creek area. You do not need to have a beacon or avalanche probe to learn how to use them. There will be a 40-50 mile fun ride, will take 10 people approx. Teaching how to read the terrain & analyze snow. Email Mick at or call cell phone (206) 949-7837 for details.


Open Floor:

Fred proposed that the club offer money to Nick Whitman & Dan Johnson to clear out a slide at Woods & Steele. Mick motioned to have $400 available if they ask Glen seconded. Vote passed.


Bill Yager wanted everyone to know that 1/14 is the Silver Ridge Ranch Sled Jamboree. $15.00 admission. 2/4 is the Snomad Golf tournament.


50/50 Raffle

Total amount collected $126.00. $63.00 to Chris Schroeder Congrats!