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2011 November CDS Membership Meeting Minutes



        Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club

CDS Minutes:  Wednesday, 11/09/2011

Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Elks, 765, Issaquah, WA

Membership & Budget Meeting


Meeting called to order by President, Tim Horton

Present at meeting:

Vice President:  Brian Cook             Past President:  Pete Beaupain

Treasure:  Trina Martin                   Secretary:  Sheri Hyytinen

Vice President Brian Cook:

Brian introduced and extended a warm welcome to Carrie & Alan Hayes.  They are originally from Montana. They ride Skidoos, Arctic Cat’s & Polaris YEAH!  Alan has 35 years of experience to bring to the club.


Treasurer Trina Martin:

Budget was presented enthusiastically by Trina.  Although we break even this year we were able to contribute to the Boulder Creek for brushing. 


Past Events:

Shirley reported approx. $1800.00 raised at Expo.  A BIG Thank you to Our Reliable Expo Volunteers most of whom are the same people every year:


Pete Beaupain                         Lee & Shirley Koger       John Woodward

Linda & Ken Bowen                  Darrell McLean              Bill (alias Bob) Yager

Brian Cook                              Bob Posey

Gary & Delores Harris             Dick Pruczinski

Kelly Hayes & Trina Martin      DeAnn Reeves

Susan & Dennis Hunsaker        Joe Sacquitne

Rebecca & Elwood Hunt           Al & Carol Scharf

Mike & Sheri Hyytinen              Mick & Andrea Steinman

Bill Johnson                              Fred Wemer

Also, Thank you to the Bowens for hosting the Saturday after Expo get together. Everyone contributed $5.00 & we ordered a yummy Teriyaki dinner.

-11/2/2011 Board Meeting was held at the Claim Jumper in Tukwila and we had 2 new members attend.  Aaron & Kayla Atkins had some good ideas to offer & we hope to see them at the coming meetings & rides in the future. Welcome aboardJ


-Christmas Tree Ride 12/10/2011 from Elwood & Rebecca’s cabin:  Time:

10:00 am approx. Place: 381 Cabin Creek Rd, Easton, WA   98925 RSVP email: (425) 334 2566.

-Following the Christmas Tree ride on 12/10/11 at approx. 5:00ish will be the CDS Christmas Potluck Party at the Easton Saloon. Bring your favorite holiday dish & a $15.00 gift if you would like to participate in the gift exchange.


-12/7/11 Board Meeting at the Claim Jumper 6:15. Everyone is welcome to attend.

-Kay Lloyd reported that 11/19/2011 is the WSSA Leadership meeting in Selah.

-Rusty Ski Award is our new Tim Horton award. Darrel nominated Sheri Hyytinen for colliding w/ so many trees & rocks mostly on the last ride after she broke her ski on a large block of ice in a creek.


Glenn’s Garmin GPS Rino Presentation was very informative. He was prepared w/ his computer & online directions. Some really helpful highlights & tips were shared. He suggested that to get the most for your money the best product is the Rino 530HCX.  If you get 2 or more radios you can key in positions at the beginning of the ride and be able to locate any rider on your radio. Mapsource online has free basic maps, TOPO-West has DVD’s that you can buy that are very reliable. Colored screen GPS’s are the easiest to read because you can have downloaded trails colored different from the current trail you are on & it is easier to determine which trail is which. He showed us how to download your previous trail rides & be able to reload them onto your radio for another ride later. Very comprehensive THANK YOU Glenn for a great presentation. Look on the CDS website calendar for a future GPS training ride w/ Glenn.


Old Business:

-Budget proposal was moved by Dick Elkins, seconded & passed by majority.


-Ride sign-up sheets. Glenn suggested using the CDS website to format a ride schedule. John Budig to review & report back next meeting.

-Mike Hyytinen reminded everyone to call Whistling Jack’s & make their reservations soon for the last week in January.


-Tony Depangrazio reported on the brush clearing & Thanked everyone who contributed to help w/ gas & repairs.  They were able to open area east side of 4818 microwave area, 59 west side 115 to the French Cabin/Last Resort area.  They were able to work on Easton, Lake Kachess. Machine donated by Nick Whitman Manashtash groomer.


Groomer/BlueRibbon Coalition

Kay Lloyd reported on the groomer meeting.  She also reported on the Blue Ribbon Coalition for which she is now a board member. Congratulations Kay!

a.         Reminder that there is a $1,000.00 scholarship.

b.         Clean Snowmobile Challenge- Pink sheets were passed around regarding the

                        Blue Ribbon Coalition challeng to support the scholarship for this event. On                          3/5-3/10/2012 at the Michigan Tech University they will be holding a

                        Competition to raise money for the scholarship program. The students will

                        taking a stock snowmobile & engineer it to be more cost effective,

                        comfortable, must meet noise & emissions standards, go 100 miles without

                        refueling at appx 45mph on a smooth trail. If you would like to support them

                        please make checks out to: BlueRibbon Coalition, w/ a note in the memo line

                        “The Clean Snomobile Challenge” and either give check to Kay Lloyd or mail

                        To: BlueRibbon Coalition, Attn: Clean Snowmobile Challenge, 4555 Burley Dr,

                        Ste A, Pocatello, ID 83202-1921. Deadline 12/20/2011.


WSSA Safety Report by Mick Steinman

-Boulder Creek Groomer to be at meeting next month to report.

-North Bend is having a ‘Winter Series’ Warren Miller movies on Main St. playing

  throughout the year & donating monies to the Friends of Avalanche.

-Skidoo Free Avalanche classes had about 100 people attend turn out was great.

-Sunday 12/10 Lake Wenatchee having All Day Child certification classes 12-16yrs

 Contact Mick or Pamela from Park & Rec if you are interested.


WSSA District 1 Representative Dick Elkins report:

-12/12/2011 bodies needed to help brush Stampede Pass & Easton area meeting at Reload at 8:00 am if you are available.

-Walla Walla Snoflyer has info on the Discovery Pass for DNR lands only

            -Reminder of the 3 most important things to remember when riding:

            1. Consideration

            2. Be Prepared

            3. Always have your 10 Essentials.

Kenny VanAssche brought fresh Fuji Apples from his farm for everyone. Thank you Kenny!


50/50 Raffle

$62.50 Winner Gary Harris!