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HomeLk. Wenatchee Super Ride Report

Great ride – great host.

Thank you Darrell and Ken


 You were a generous host at your cabin and a great organizer of the SUPER ride!  As advertised, the ride started at 9:00 AM Saturday morning at Fish Lake SnoPark (or was it 10:00 AM?)  We started with 14 riders but I think ended up with 15 and in between grew to 19!  We followed a river grade through deep new snow to “Mad Lake” and several other meadow/lakes as we searched for the trail to Tye.  The plan was to go to Tye Lookout and maybe on to Ardenvoir for lunch and gas.  There was an admonition to bring extra gas as the round trip was expected to be around 90 – 100 miles.  However, Rebecca ran out at 72 miles so thank you Dennis Rench for loaning a gallon to get back on.  (she owes you!)


During our search around, over, above, back and forth, over meadows, lyrics started dancing in my head.  ¯ It was a story of a man named Charlie on a tragic and fateful day.  He put ten cents in his pocket, kissed his wife and family, went to ride on the M.T.A.  Well, did he ever return?  Nooooo, he never returned and his fate is still unknown.  He may ride forever…He’s the man who never returned.  ¯


However, we were not so unfortunate, as luck would have it, Darrell went on a search for someone who knew the way.  He got stuck by himself and was found by those he was searching for who knew the way!  They unstuck him, returned with him, and pointed the way!  Though this did require a bit of climbing and off camber riding through deep snow and a mile of trail building to get the sleds through.  (shovel, shovel, shovel)  Even a 162 X 16, Rev 1000 had difficulty and was rescued by Dennis.  Actually, Dennis also climbed a mountain on foot to rescue Mr. Elkins who had climbed out of sight until becoming lodged between two trees.  Dennis was quite the rescuer – including the gas for Rebecca.  Pete and son David also climbed the mountain on foot performing a second heroic rescue (sneaky snow!)


Everyone returned at 9:00 PM for a late night BBQ, hot tub and then to bed or to floor as case may have been.



Next morning all enjoyed a country breakfast.  Kenny said he’d never lead that ride again but by Sunday he was planning next year’s ride.  Thank you Kenny.  You lead a great ride.  We all had a great time!


Then the Sunday Ride. After the late night return the next morning was spent having a very late breakfast and a visit to John Grubbs new home. By then only four of the group, mike, Dick, and Fred were willing to go on a ride lead by Darrell. After waiting for Mr. Elkins to fuel and dress we were on the trail a little after 1 pm. Unlike the trails that were either very bumpy or had never been groomed and used to excess the prior day, on Sunday, we had freshly groomed, very smooth trails, or were off road boondocking through easy clear cuts or through woods between roads requiring no side hilling. We got up to some great overlooks in the Snow Cone erea (see the link to the photos below), had a late lunch, and clicked off an easy, relaxing 35+ mile, in a little under 4 hours. Thanks again Darrell.     


Photos of Super Ride