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2007 Ride

Ride report as viewed by Fred, mostly from the front. The Roslyn to Mineral Springs ride on Jan. 13, 2007, got a late start. It had nine riders whose ages spanned six decades and whose experience  level was from an initial ride to a couple with over 25 years of riding. It was Jointly led by DeAnn and Fred as we explored our way along the CleElum ridge through the Teannaway to Red Top in sunshine but temperatures in the single digits at the start and end. Most of the riding was on about 6 inches of new snow on either roads, cross country, or on trails that had not been ridden on. The trail near Red Top  required some climbing and we did get to dig several riders out of the snow during the exploring phase. Wiff made his first ride in two years and claimed it was the best ride he had ever had to Mineral Springs. We arrived at Mineral Springs at 3:30 and had a leisure lunch/ dinner. Some of us also refueled our sleds. We took the nicely groomed trail back through twenty-nine pines to the concrete bridge over the West Fork, then took the trail back to the Cle Elum ridge and to Rosyln. Most Riders had some where near 78 miles except Chuck who missed a turn, someone didn't follow the rules to make sure the next rider makes eye contact at a turn, and Chuck went an additional six miles out of the way. Thanks to the use of our radios he was located. However, there were no accidents and everyone had a day to remember.  



2005 Ride

Sunday ride to Mineral Springs from Roslyn - boondogging lots of the way. 


After raining most of the day on Saturday, it took some persuading to get DeAnn to lead her ride to Mineral Springs on Sunday Jan 8. 


Six Cascade Drift Skippers started the ride a little after 10 am.  The weather was sunshine all day with mild temperatures.  After a short section of "snirtmobiling" we got on the groomed, although not recently, trail and headed east.  To avoid a downed tree on the trail, we went cross-country for an adventure, then traveled on mostly previous un-traveled roads or cross-country to Red Top. 


We had multiple discussions about which way to go and Elwood said to have our new member lead since "any road will get you any place when you don't know where you're going."  


We got to Mineral Springs 39 miles later, had a nice lunch, and started home.  Mike's sled had a problem running after lunch but it was resolved with the help of Chuck and Elwood. 


After our first stop on the return trip, DeAnn’s lights wouldn't work so she led from second position when it got dark.  Although we came home via the road, several of the roads were new this year and we ran into plowed roads and locked gates that took us on a circuitous route home. 


We arrived at DeAnn's at 6:30 PM with 81 fun filled pleasant miles behind us.  Leader:  DeAnn Reeves, Riders: Fred Wemer, Mike Collins, Chuck Yadrosich, Elwood and Rebecca Hunt. 



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