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Nov. 10, 2010 Minutes
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Cascade Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club
CDS Minutes: 11/10/2010
Held at 6:00pm at the Issaquah Elks, 765, Issaquah, WA
Membership & Budget Meeting

Meeting called to order by President, Pete Beaupain.
Minutes taken by: Secretary, Sheri Hyytinen & Trina Martin
Board Members Present:
President: Pete Beaupain
Vice President: Kurt Zeutschel
Treasurer: Bob Posey

Secretary’s: Sheri Hyytinen & Trina Martin

New Member & Visitor’s Welcomed by Kurt Zeutschel. Mike Jahn rides a Skidoo and already interested in getting a room for the Whistling Jack overnighter. Jill & Chris Schroeder have an Artic Cat & Phazer and pretty much love us & want to join.

Finance Report given by Bob Posey.
2009-2010 shows CDS went over budget. Discussion to follow.

Groomers report given by Pete Beaupain.
Kittitas/Woods & Steel levy election failed.
Dan Johnson setting up a work party on Sunday at 9am at Crystal Springs.
Blewett Pass parking expansion being worked on.
Camping is now allowed at Reload or Crystal Springs w/ Snow park permit. Camp fires permitted if in contained fire pit.
Logging that is being done could affect future Whistling Jack rides so it is advised to call ahead to check before any planned rides.

Safety Report given by Dick Elkins.
List of Safety ‘To Do’ list:
Purchase Avalanche Beacon if not already own one. 90% of all CDS riders have them we should make it 100%.
A little exercise before riding goes a long way.
Check batteries on all your equipment.
Check rider skills before all rides.
Check off the ’10 Essentials’ list & it doesn’t hurt to have extra for those riders who may have forgotten something.

WSSA report given by Dick Elkins and Pete Beaupain.
WSSA Meeting was held Saturday evening at the Snow Show Expo.
Legal bill of $70,000.00 was discussed. There is $45,000.00 that has to be paid by October 2010 so they discussed putting off other bills & grants to meet this. The Snow Flyer has donated $ to the Legal Action Fund.
Lynx & other area restriction issues were discussed.
DNR and Fish & Wildlife are proposing a $40.00 Annual Pass to access their lands.
Olympia Days: Everyone who can attend is encouraged to come & show their support. People from different districts makes a difference as our Congressman like to listen to their own constituents. Wednesday, January 26, 2011 in Olympia.

Budget Report was given by Bob Posey.
Discussion about potential Fund Raisers to have in the future.

Fred Wemer commented: CDS originally was one of the clubs that asked for lawyers to help support & fight the issues surrounding areas being closed off from snowmobilers & feels we should continue to support the legal fund if at all possible.

Linda Bowen discussed Christmas Party Exchange and gave general rule information about how it works. Dollar Limit on gifts $15-$20.00.

Bill Yager invited everyone to the “Kick off the Snowmobiling Season Party” at the Parkside (aka Turtle).

Tentative Ride Schedule:
**Riders need to be prepared w/ as many 10 essentials as possible preferable all of them, and at the very least walkie/talkies & avalanche beacons***

1/08/2011 or 1/09/2011
Cle Elum/Mineral Springs Day Ride. 80 miles Fred Wemer Leader. Need to be intermediate skilled rider & bring lunch.
Whistler Week Ride. 70+ miles Mick Steinman Leader. Need to be intermediate rider & bring your own extra gas , avalanche beacon & radio. Provide your own meals.
1/22 or 1/23/2011
Training Wheels Day Ride promoted by Pete Beaupain to brush up or learn different riding skills. Any skill level & bring your lunch.
Whistling Jack Check-out Day Ride. 110mi Fred Wemer Leader. Need to be intermediate skilled rider & bring lunch.
Whistling Jack Overnight Ride. 110mi. Need 2 Leaders for different skill levels. Need to provide you own meals.
Steak Overnight Ride. Need 2-3 Leaders for different skill levels.
4/24-4/30 /2011
Whistler Week Ride. 70+ miles Mick Steinman Leader. Need to be intermediate rider & bring your own extra gas, avalanche beacon & radio. Provide your own meals.
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